Google Arts and Culture feat.

How to View Cool AR Content in Google Arts & Culture App

Google Arts and Culture feat.

Over the years, Google’s Arts & Culture app has become a pretty powerful tool for interactive education using augmented reality (AR). We have seen the Mountain View-based tech giant bring a ton of fun and educational features to the “Google Arts & Culture” app earlier. We even saw Google host the biggest street carnival of Europe on the Arts & Culture platform. However, did you know that you can bring the portrait of Mona Lisa or the original spacesuit of Neil Armstrong to your bedroom using the app?

The “Google Arts & Culture” app provides a lot of educational content using AR. However, recently I discovered that you can bring the AR model Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit that he wore when he first stepped foot on the Moon. You can even bring the portrait of the famous Mona Lisa and hang on a wall of your bedroom!

How to Bring AR Content using “Google Arts & Culture”

So, to get these AR content right on your smartphone, just follow the steps below:

  • Download the “Google Arts & Culture” app from the App Store or the Play Store, if you do not have it already.
  • Open the app, sign in to your Google account and tap the magnifier icon at the top left to search for specific topics.

  • Now, search for the term “AR” or “AR Topics”.
  • From the search results, choose the first one with the title “AR”.

  • From here, you can browse through the various categories of AR content which include Animals, Space, History, Art, and Architecture.

Now, from these categories, you can choose what you want to see in augmented reality (AR). For instance, if you want a giant spacesuit of Neil Armstrong standing on your laptop:

  • From the given categories, tap “Space”.

  • Scroll down a bit to get past the “Big Bang AR” app to find the card with the title “Neil Armstrong’s A-7L Lunar Spacesuit”.

  • Tap this card to open it and from the preview section, tap the “View in Augmented Reality” button.

  • After downloading the AR model, the app will open up your camera.
  • Now, find a sweet, flat surface on which you can place the spacesuit and tap the screen to place the spacesuit on a specific spot.

Now, as you can see, there is a giant spacesuit just chilling on my laptop. However, taking the camera closer reveals some fine details of the suit.


In a similar way, you can bring Da Vinci’s legendary portrait of the Mona Lisa to your room’s wall. Or you can bring a pre-historic dinosaur and put it on your bed.

The choice is yours!

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