How To Setup Third-party Authentication Apps For Twitter Login Verification

How to Setup Authentication Apps for Twitter Login Verification

Twitter is one of the most influential social networking platforms on the Internet and has placed extensive focus on the security of its users. It has included SMS-based verification of account logins on the platform for multiple years but it isn’t the most reliable. Imagine you’re on the move and have no network, or want to log into your account on a tablet PC then SMS is obviously not the handiest option. Hence, Twitter recently debuted the ability to use third-party authentication apps to verify your sign-in attempt.

The third-party authentication apps are quite simple to setup and would come in handy for users who regularly sign in and out of their accounts. So, if you’re one of these individuals and were planning to simplify the verification process, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to set up a third-party authentication app. Follow the steps defined underneath to complete the setup:

Step 1: Setting Up Twitter Verification

Before you can set up a third-party authentication app to verify your sign-in attempts on Twitter, you’ll need to enable login verification for your account. This is the standard two-factor authentication that’ll help secure your account via SMS-based verification. Let us check out how to go about it:

Note: I set up login verification on my Redmi Note 3, running Twitter v7.28.0-alpha.636 and it worked perfectly fine. The method works almost similarly on both Android and iOS.

1. Open the Twitter app (Free) on your Android device, swipe towards the right to open the hamburger menu and tap on the “Settings and privacy” option at the bottom and go to the ‘Account’ section.

twitter 1

2. Under the Accounts menu, you need to navigate to ‘Security’ and tap on the ‘Login Verification’ checkbox to kickstart the process.

twitter 2

Note: Before you can set up login verification, you’ll need to add both your email address and phone number to your Twitter account.

3. You will first be informed on how the verification process works and asked to re-enter your password to move ahead with the process. You’ll then need to verify your mobile number by entering the 6-digit code you receive in the same window.

twitter 3

4.  Once the two-factor authentication is enabled, you will have to provide a unique code everytime you try to log back into Twitter. You can even use the backup code generated by Twitter (as shown in the screenshot below) once this process is complete.

How to Setup Authentication Apps for Twitter Login Verification

Note: Don’t forget to save your backup code somewhere safe (e-mail or print copy), so you can use the same to access your Twitter account if you ever lose your device.

Upon a new login attempt, the login code will be sent to your message inbox since SMS is the default method for verification purposes. However, Twitter just recently made an important change to their two-factor authentication process and now allows you to use 3rd-party authentication apps to verify your login attempts.

Step 2: Use Third-Party Authentication Apps

Now that you’ve enabled login verification for your Twitter account, you can now follow the steps defined underneath to handover the verification process to a third-party app such as Authy, Google Authenticator or 1Password. Let’s check out the process:

Note: It is important to enable the standard SMS-based two-factor authentication, talked about in Step 1, on your Twitter account before shifting to a 3rd-party authentication app. I’m using Google Authenticator for this purpose as it is the easiest once to use and is also compatible with Twitter.

1. If you just completed the 2FA activation process, you’re already in the login verification section of the Twitter settings menu. Now, you’ll need to tap the “mobile security app” checkbox that’s underneath the Text message option.

twitter 5

2. You’ll now see a prompt with a ‘Start’ button, tap on the same and enter your password to start the setup process for a third-party authenticator app, i.e Google Authenticator (Free).

start now twitter

3. On the next screen, you just need to tap the ‘Set up now’ button and Twitter will automatically recognize any compatible third-party authentication app available on the device and register your account on the same.

twitter setup

Note: If you’re performing the verification process on your desktop, you’ll need to scan the QR code shown on your screen via any third-party authenticator mobile app. You then need to verify the same by entering a passcode shown in that app.

4. As you can see in the screenshots below, Google Authenticator pops-up with my Twitter credentials and you only need to tap “OK” to add your account to the same.

ga twitter

5. The final step requires you to verify the third-party authenticator app by entering a code from the same into Twitter. And voila, that’s it. Your third-party authentication app is now set up and ready for use.

twitter final step

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Use Authentication Apps with Twitter Login Verification

Twitter is a hotbed for conversations and no user wants their privacy to be compromised, especially out of the blue. Thus, the added layer of security will give them some peace of mind, assuring them that their account cannot be logged in to without a code. Third-party authentication apps simplify the login process as you can enter the currently active code and do not have to wait for an OTP to land in your message inbox.

So, are you planning to secure your Twitter app with a third-party authentication app? Do share your experience with us in the comments down below.


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