How to Respec Your Passives in Last Epoch

In Short
  • To respec your character passive in Last Epoch, you have to go and talk NPCs around the map with a brain symbol over them.
  • Respec will cost you money per skill-point removal, which gradually increases.
  • Furthermore, you cannot remove an entire skill node at one go but rather remove one point at a time from them.

One of the unique features of Last Epoch, besides the best classes and masteries, includes its extensive passive and skill tree. So, we don’t blame you if you want to experiment with as many passive builds as possible. However, like skill points, passive points are limited in nature. Fortunately, like any good RPG, you can respec the passive points to experiment and try new experiences. So, if you’re dabbling with the same issue and want to learn how to respec your character passives in Last Epoch, read on.

What Are Passives in Last Epoch and How to Respec Them

The passive skills are a separate skill tree that allows you to improve the overall performance of your character little by little. For example– you can improve Rogue’s throwing speeds or overall health and dexterity by allocating passive points. You earn the leveling points when your character levels up.

Thankfully there is no restriction of any sort when it comes to respeccing passive points in Last Epoch. The game understands and even respects that you might want to experiment. As such, you can respec in-game from the get-go. The first time you reach the Keeper’s Calm, you’ll find yourself surrounded by various NPCs in the area.

where you respec your passives in Last Epoch

If you move towards the fast-travel zone, you’ll see an NPC called “Chronomancer Lerinne” standing there. She has a symbol of a human head with a brain on top of her. Similarly, every major hub area has one NPC with the same icon waiting to help you.

If you interact with them, you have an option called “Respecialize Mastery Points.” Remember that if you want to respec your passives, you have to pay a certain amount of gold, which gradually increases with every reset and depends on your current passive node level.

Furthermore, you cannot respec a node with multiple points completely. You have to remove points one by one. The process might sound cumbersome. However, on the flip side, it allows you to curate your respec, removing only the amount you require, and not more than that.

How to Re-Assign Passive Points in Last Epoch

Once you gain back the passive skill points, it is time to re-assign them to your desired skill tree. To do that, simply open up your passive skill tree. You open it by pressing “P” on your keyboard. Once open, simply select the desired passive skill and reassign the points. Once done, enjoy your respecced passive and have fun.

And that is how you respec your passives in Last Epoch. We hope with this quick guide you build your ultimate character and decimate as many enemies as possible on the battlefield. Let us know about your fighting experiences in Last Epoch in the comments below.

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