Pufferdle: How to Play the Stardew Valley Wordle Game

Are you a fan of both Stardew Valley and Wordle? Well, in that case, we have the perfect little game for you today! It’s called Pufferdle, a free Wordle-like game based on Stardew Valley that you can play online. The goal of Pufferdle is to guess a Stardew fish in six or less tries. And well, being a Stardew Valley enjoyed for the longest time, Pufferdle is extraordinarily fun and addicting. So let’s not waste more time and check it out together.

How Do You Play Pufferdle

  1. Follow the link to the Pufferdle website, you will be shown some instructions you can read and familiarize yourself with the game.
Instructions shown in the Pufferdle game
  1. Then, you can choose one of the three game modes, which are as under:
    • Daily: A single Stardew Valley fish is chosen a day, and your goal is to reveal it in a Wordle-like manner!
    • Random: You can fish and fish and fish and fish unlimitedly!
    • Fish tank: Here, you can do some training, so you become a fishing pro!
  1. Once you start the challenge, your first task is to catch a fish. If you don’t manage to do that, you will still move on.
  2. All the game’s fish are shown on the left and you can hover over them to see their information.
  1. After clicking on a fish and then submitting it, you will see whether you guessed the season, weather, location, time and the fish itself right or not.
  1. Have fun trying to guess all of the fish traits, and you will be able to guess today’s fish in Pufferdle.
  1. Also, there is an inventory bar at the top with useful pop-up windows like how to play instructions, statistics and settings and also a home link on the far left.

What do you think about this awesome community game? Would you like more games like Stardew Valley Wordle? Have you ever guessed the fish in the first try? Tell us in the comments below!

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