How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

In Short
  • The composter crafting recipe requires you to gather seven wooden slabs of any wood type and a crafting table.
  • To make a composter in Minecraft, fill the left and right columns of the crafting table with slabs and place the final slab in the center of the bottom row.
  • Composters are also generated naturally in villages near crop gardens.

Bone meal is one of the most frequently used items in Minecraft. The primary source of this item is bones that you can get ahold of with a mob farm. Though, in the early game, the best source of bone meal is a composter. By recycling organic blocks in the composter, you can make bone meal. We will cover how to use a composter in a separate guide. Today, we’ll teach you how to make the composter in Minecraft. With that, let’s begin!

Resources You Need to Make a Composter

In order to make a composter, you will need some basic resources, which are:

  • 7 Wooden Slabs
  • Crafting Table

Since the composter doesn’t have different wood variants, you can utilize slabs made using any wood type and even interchangeably use them. Place three planks of the same wood type in a row on the crafting table, and you will get slabs.

Talking about the crafting table, it is the primary utility block in Minecraft and can be easily crafted with four planks. Go through our guide on making a crafting table in case you’re new to the game.

How to Craft a Composter in Minecraft

Now that you have gathered wooden slabs, follow the step-by-step process explained below to make a composter:

  • Place the crafting table in the world and right-click on it to open its UI.
  • First, fill the left and right columns of the grid with wooden slabs.
  • Next, place the seventh slab in the central slot of the bottommost row.
  • Now, the composter will appear on the right, and you have successfully crafted it.

Furthermore, you can also use a Minecraft 1.21 crafter to make a composter, but you will need to power it with a redstone power source to craft the block. The process will, however, be automated and there won’t be a need for any interference.

Where to Find a Composter in Your World

Besides crafting the composter yourself, you can also find it naturally generated in your Minecraft world. Currently, the only place you can find a composter is in a village. Villages occasionally have crop farms as part of them where you’ll find a composter.

If you haven’t encountered a village yet, no worries, we have got you covered. Just follow our linked guide on how to find a village in Minecraft. Why is a composter in the village in the first place? Well, to learn that, you need to go through our guide on the top uses of the Minecraft composter.

And that’s about it. Now you can make as many composters as you need. However, it would quickly chew through your wood supply, so consider making a tree farm first. With it, not only will you be able to make tons of composters, but all the wooden items and blocks will be easily accessible.

Do composters make crops grow faster?

No, composters don’t affect the growth speed of crops.

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