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How to Get Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

Personal customization, expression and decoration have received a great boost in Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update. With addition of armor trims, decorated pots, bamboo wood and cherry wood sets, and so much more, players now have more opportunities in storytelling in their blocky worlds. We also got access to the new sniffer mob and with it two beautiful decorative plants that you definitely want in your garden. So, in this guide, we’re going to go over how to obtain and grow the new torchflower and pitcher plant in Minecraft.

What are Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft 1.20

Torchflower and pitcher plant in Minecraft are new crops added in the 1.20 update. They are grown with the torchflower seeds and pitcher pods that can be gathered after the sniffer has found them. Unlike other crops in the game, these plants don’t have many uses other than the decorative one.

You can get orange dye from the torchflower and cyan dye from the pitcher plant. Though, we strongly recommend not to use them for dyes, since they’re quite rare and valuable. Moreover, their looks is special and rather unique compared to other decorative crops and plants. They represent the ancient and exotic flora that’ll make any area stand out thanks to the gorgeous and vibrant colors.

How to Get Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

The only way of obtaining the seeds which can be grown into the torchflower and pitcher plant in Minecraft is through the new Sniffer mob. This mob will every once in a while start digging and revealing the ancient seeds. We highly recommend you check out the linked guide to learn more about the sniffer. Moreover, to even get a sniffer you’ll need to find the sniffer egg in Minecraft and hatch it. This can be quite a time-consuming task, but it’s worth it in the end.

How to Grow Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

Torchflower and pitcher plant are grown similarly to other crops in Minecraft. You’ll need to create farmland using a hoe and place the seeds by right clocking on the tilled soil. Don’t forget to place the water nearby to allow these seeds to grow. Moreover, adequate light level is essential for the growth of these and other crops in Minecraft so keep it at least 9.

Torchflower has three stages of growth, just like most crops. It will require two bone meal to reach the last stage.

Pitcher plant is a little bit different from other crops, since it has five stages of growth. This means it naturally needs more time to grow. Furthermore, if you’re impatient and want to grow it artificially, you’ll need to use four bone meal on the pitcher pod to help it grow fully.

After the torchflower and pitcher plant have fully matured, you can collect them with a hand. Unfortunately, they are not affected by the Fortune enchantment nor do they drop seeds when broken, so you need to rely completely on the sniffer to fuel your new crop addiction.

By jumping on the farmland blocks which these seeds are planted on will break them and drop the seed items. When the torchflower is grown fully, the farmland below will just turn to dirt after being jumped on, without breaking the flower. However, that is not the case with the pitcher plant. This crop has a little hitbox in all the growth stages, and jumping can only break the seeds in the first stage.

Torchflower and Pitcher Plant Farms in Minecraft 1.20

Let’s focus on how to more easily obtain the seeds for these plants. This is simply achieved by creating a collection system for them. We are going to build it underneath the layer of diggable blocks like dirt or grass (at least a 6×6 block area). Follow the step-by-step process below.

  1. Place the rails and powered rails so that the hopper minecart cannot stop moving. Add a powered rail on one side with a solid block attached to it.
  1. On the other side add two hoppers facing into a chest and place a powered rail on top of the one further from the chest.
  1. Place a comparator reading the contents of the hopper and a repeater powering a solid block.
  1. Place a redstone torch on the block the redstone repeater is powering, one solid block above the redstone torch, and two blocks next to the redstone torch above the comparator and the repeater. Then place two redstone dust on those blocks.
  1. Place the solid block (not a stair or a slab) on the second hopper, attached to the powered rail. At last, place the hopper minecart on the powered rail. This small comparator system will ensure that whenever the hopper minecart has contents inside it, it will be stopped and only continue moving when it’s empty.
  1. Place at least a 6×6 block platform on the rails (bigger area is better) using diggable blocks such as dirt or grass. Then isolate it by fencing the area or building walls (at least two-block tall) around it.
  1. Place the sniffers inside the walled off area. The more sniffers you have, the better.

Well, this is basically it. Now you don’t need to follow the sniffers around and collect the seeds manually. When it comes to growing the plants themselves, you can just plant them like other crops and wait for them to grow. Moreover, if you have a bunch of bone meal laying around, you can always make a simple nano farm design, with dispensers constantly bone mealing the crop and you can just keep planting and harvesting. Alternatively, you can always bone meal the seeds yourself.

Use Torchflower and Pitcher Plants for Decoration in Minecraft

Well, now that you know how to get and grow the torchflowers and pitcher plants in Minecraft, it’s time to have fun decorating with them in your world. Since the pitcher plant looks different when you harvest it and place it back down, it’s worth preserving that original appearance. Try choosing the perfect location for this plant and plant it there right away. If you don’t like that fact water is visible, you can always hide it with slabs.

Moreover, you can place the torchflowers in the pots, like other flowers and saplings. Placing that pot first on a decorated pot in Minecraft will make for an even cuter decoration detail. Although you cannot place the pitcher plant in pots, they are almost two-block tall flowers that look awesome in a large field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest flower in Minecraft?

Well, torchflower and pitcher plant are technically crops, but behave like flowers. Therefore, they are the rarest flowers. Wither roses are also extremely rare, but can be farmed more easily.

Do torchflowers give off light?

Unfortunately, no. Though, that would be very cool.


  1. Well to get a barrier you have to turn on cheats and run this command: /give @s barrier. its not that hard

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