How to Get Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template in Minecraft

The Minecraft 1.20 update not just introduces fresh new features to our beloved blocky world, but also some unexpected changes to already existing ones. One of those is the way players upgrade their diamond tools, weapons, and armor to netherite. Netherite is the endgame item and the strongest material in Minecraft; able to resist even lava. Any gear made of netherite cannot get destroyed in lava and provides most durability, damage, and speed. Therefore, it is greatly desired by every Minecraft player. But with the addition of armor trims in Minecraft, you need a Netherite Upgrade smithing template to be able to make netherite gear in Minecraft. And in this guide, we will show you how to find the Netherite Upgrade template and use it.

What is a Netherite Upgrade in Minecraft 1.20

Netherite Upgrade smithing template in Minecraft is an item found in the Bastion Remnants. It can be used to upgrade your diamond armor, tools, and weapons to netherite. These upgrades are extremely valuable and rare.

Netherite upgrade in an item frame in Minecraft

Unlike any other netherite item, including scraps, ingots, blocks, gear, ancient debris, the netherite upgrade template burns in lava, so be careful while carrying it around in the Nether. You will just need to find one of them, because they can be duplicated with a crafting recipe, although, it’s quite expensive. More on the duplication process below.

Where to Find the Netherite Upgrade in Minecraft

You can find the netherite upgrade smithing template in the chests generated in the Bastion Remnants. They are grand structures made up of various blackstone blocks and are homes to Piglins and Piglin Brutes. If you want to learn about these mobs, check out our guide on all the mobs in Minecraft. There are four types of bastions in Minecraft:

  • Bridge Bastion
  • Hoglin Stables Bastion
  • Housing Units Bastion
  • Treasure Room Bastion

All of these structures have their own layouts, looks, and dangers that challenge the player in different ways. Chests in all of these bastions have a chance to generate the netherite upgrade smithing template. However, that chance is about 10% for each one of them, except the Treasure Room bastion.

Larger part of this bastion type has a center platform at the bottom that is surrounded by lava. This platform is usually covered with plenty of gold blocks and one or more chests. Every chest generated on this platform is guaranteed to include a netherite upgrade. Other chests in the Treasure Room bastions have the same odds as the other bastion types.

How to Raid a Bastion to Get Netherite Upgrade

Raiding a bastion can be a rather difficult task. These structures are populated by Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins (in case of Hoglin Stable bastions). Regular piglins are usually not a huge threat if you are wearing at least one piece of gold armor. However, piglin brutes surely are not to be messed with. They are one of the strongest mobs in the game and pack a hefty punch. Since they use an axe as their primary weapon, shields are not effective against them. You also cannot distract them with gold ingots, they don’t fall for that.

Moreover, piglins are collective mobs, which means if one is attacked, other nearby piglins will become agro and attack you. This implies you cannot just take care of the piglin brutes by attacking them directly and have no problems with other piglins. So, the main goal is to defeat piglin brutes and get out of there alive, and there are a few ways in which you can do this more easily.

Using Lava Buckets

This is probably the best way to raid a bastion and find the netherite upgrade in Minecraft. Unlike zombified piglins, piglins and piglin brutes take damage in lava. This means you can bring one or more lava buckets and every time you encounter a piglin brute, get to a safe location, usually above them, and pour lava on their head.

Piglin brutes will quickly die and other piglins won’t get aggressive towards you. You can repeat this until you get rid of them all. You could also eliminate all the regular piglins as well.

Using Boats

Boats in Minecraft have one undoubtedly useful feature, they can trap mobs in them. Not all mobs can be trapped in them, but piglin brutes sure can. Bring a few boats and place them once you have agreed a brute. They will run after you and get stuck in the boat, after which they won’t be an issue.

Sometimes, however, their hitbox doesn’t collide with the boat’s hitbox, so they just walk over the boat, leaving you running for your life. Moreover, it’s kind of annoying to place the boat occasionally, they need a lot of space and don’t fit where you want them to.

Defeating All the Piglins in the Bastion

This may quite possibly be very obvious, but you can also just kill all the piglins in the bastion. If you are not patient and would rather rush this whole process, well, you can, but it’s not going to be easy.

Keep in mind that once you start shooting them with your bow or crossbow, every piglin in range will get agroed. Furthermore, piglins can have crossbows too, so even if you’re away from them, you can still take damage. Not to mention that they can be everywhere around you, so watch your back. Although, this is quite challenging it could also be a pretty fun experience.

Looting the Chests in the Bastion

So, you managed to reach a chest in the bastion and are ready to open it and find the netherite upgrade smithing template in Minecraft. Don’t do it just yet, you have to prepare first. As you may know already, piglins get agroed on you when you open a chest, ender chest or shulker box near them, even though you’re wearing a piece of gold armor.

Before right clicking on that chest, surround yourself in a box. Block off all the possible paths to you, and you should be safe. After you open the chest, piglins will get agroed on you no matter what, but you will be safe inside your cubby. Give the piglins a couple minutes and leave the box and loot other chests once you stop hearing their agro noises.

How to Duplicate the Netherite Upgrade in Minecraft

Since the netherite upgrade in Minecraft is so rare and difficult to obtain, there is a crafting recipe that allows you to duplicate it. These are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1 Netherite Upgrade
  • 7 Diamonds
  • 1 Netherrack

Right click on a crafting table in Minecraft and place the items as shown in the picture below. The Netherrack goes in the center slot, the Netherite Upgrade smithing template goes in the slot right above, and the remaining slots need to filled with diamond.

How to Upgrade Diamond Gear to Netherite Gear in Minecraft

Now that you have explored the Minecraft Nether dimension, acquired the netherite upgrade from the bastion and duplicated it, it’s time to put them to good use. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make netherite armor and tools. You’ll also need netherite ingots to upgrade your gear, so you could check out how to find netherite in Minecraft.

Once you have crafted your epic new armor, it’s time to customize it using the new armor trims feature in Minecraft. Finally, if you haven’t done it already, we also recommend enchanting your Minecraft gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I turn into netherite?

You should first focus on your tools or armor that have great enchantments. If you got amazing enchantment from the enchanting table, that quite lucky and you should upgrade that piece of gear first. Players usually enchant the pickaxe first, because it’s regularly used.

Is netherite useful?

Yes, netherite gear has much more durability than the diamond gear, the tools are more efficient and the weapons are stronger. Not to mention that netherite looks amazing, especially with newly added armor trims.

Can netherite be repaired?

Yes, netherite tools, weapons and armor can be repaired with netherite ingots in an anvil, but we strongly recommend you use Mending enchanted books.

Does netherite stop lava damage?

Unfortunately, no. Although this would be very cool in the game, it would also be too OP and game-breaking.

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