How to Fix Wuthering Waves Fatal Error

In Short
  • Wuthering Waves launch on PC has embroiled itself with crashes, including the UE4 fatal error crash.
  • To fix it, you can update the graphic driver, and your DirectX to the latest version.
  • Additionally, running the game launcher directly from the installed location, and forcing the game exe to run in DirectX 11 by adding the shortcut to Steam also helps.

Wuthering Waves by Kuro Games has excited tons of players, including myself. Unfortunately, my PC playthrough has been cut short thanks to crashes, including the dreadful UE4 Fatal Error crash. And this is seemingly a widespread issue. So, what should you do if you experience this crash? How do you fix it? Well, I dug around to find some solutions that particularly helped me in fixing the issue. So, if you are also dealing with this headache, I’d suggest reading on. Let’s check out some solutions to fix Fatal error in Wuthering Waves.

Method 1: Run Wuthering Waves Directly from the EXE

Run Wuthering Waves launcher directly from the game install folder

One of the crucial reasons many have pointed out is that the fatal error crash in Wuthering Waves generally happens when you run the game directly from the Epic Games Store. However, many users have pointed out that the problem gets fixed if you bypass the launcher and run the Wuthering Waves launcher directly from the game folder.

Surprisingly, this problem also worked for me, when I randomly started encountering this error. The Launcher exe should be at the Wuthering Waves install location.

While I don’t exactly know why this is the reason, as game development is a finicky thing, I can confirm that this step might ensure the minimization of Wuthering Waves crashes on your PC.

Method 2: Verify the Wuthering Waves Game Files

Another reason for the ue4 error to occur when you run Wuthering Waves could be corrupted game files. It can happen for multiple reasons. But ultimately it might result in crashes when you try running the game. In such a case, you can verify the game files from the launcher itself. Follow these steps:

  • On the launcher, click on the spanner icon on the top-right. This will give a pop-up, prompting you to do the thing. Hit confirm.
  • Let the launcher verify your game files and download fixes for any corrupt files to replace them.
  • Click on the spanner icon to verify game files
  • Click confirm to verify the game files of Wuthering Waves and fix the fatal error crashes

This should fix the problem, and allow you to run Wuthering Waves once again without any crashes.

Method 3: Update DirectX to the Latest Version

This is a general fix, as the UE4 fatal error crash in Wuthering Waves is also a widespread problem with other games. Sometimes, if you have an outdated DirectX on your PC, it can prompt some Unreal Engine games to throw this error.

Hence, I suggest you update your DirectX by going to the Microsoft website and downloading the latest DirectX redistributable driver driver. Then, let it install and run the game. It should fix the crashes and allow you to run the game without errors.

Method 4: Update Your Graphic Card Drivers

This is a no-brainer if you are playing Wuthering Waves on PC. As of today, both AMD and NVIDIA have received respective updates to their graphic drivers. And, it is a good habit to periodically update your graphic drivers. These updates come with stability fixes for the latest games and run your games better. Hence, if you haven’t done it, I suggest you do it ASAP. If you are on AMD, click on this link. If you are on NVIDIA, click here.

Method 5: Force Wuthering Waves EXE to Run in DirectX 11

Another common fix for the UE4 fatal error is forcing the game to run itself in DirectX 11. You do this by assigning some launch options on Steam. But surprise, surprise! The game isn’t out on Steam. So, this is how you force Wuthering Waves to run itself in DirectX 11:

  • First, open up Steam. You’ll see an “Add Steam Game” option at the bottom-left. Click it and select the “Add a Non-Steam Game” option.
  • When the pop-up opens, click on browse. Don’t add the shortcut for the launcher, as that is a separate file system.
  • Browse to your Wuthering Waves install location. Then, click Wuthering Waves Game > Client > Binaries > Win64 and add the “Client-Win64-Shipping.exe” shortcut in your Steam.
  • Restart your Steam Client, and right-click on the Wuthering Waves icon. Select properties, and under launch options, write -dx11. This will force the game to run in DX11 when you are running through Steam.
  • Click on the bottom-right and select the add a non-steam game option
  • Click on browse to start browsing for the exe file of wuthering waves
  • Select the Wuthering Waves exe by navigating to the install folder and at the mentioend pathway inside the install folder
  • Right-click on the shortcut and select properties
  • Write the command line in launcher option and close it. Now, run Wuthering Waves through Steam to run the game and minimize the fatal error crash

If you follow the steps above, it can help you to fix the fatal error in Wuthering Waves.

Ultimately, you are stuck trying these solutions unless the developers push an official update to the game. Let us know if any of these methods helped you fix the Wuthering Waves fatal error crashes in the comment below. Also, let us know if you know other methods to fix the problems. Do you have increased stutter while running the game? Then check out our guide on fixing the problem.

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