How to View and Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

Amazon Prime Video is chock-full of interesting movies and TV shows to watch including some of the best Prime Video original movies. Plus, it uses your watched shows and movies to recommend more items for you. However, if you watched a few episodes of a show and realised it’s not for you, you might be looking to remove these shows/movies from your watch history to not mess up your recommendations. Well, here is how you can view and delete Prime Video watch history.

  • Log into Prime Video on the web. Hover the mouse cursor over your profile name at the top-right and click on ‘Account and Settings’.
prime video account settings
  • Click on ‘Watch History’
  • You can now delete individual movies and TV shows from your watch history easily.

If you simply want to remove some TV shows or movies from your list of things to ‘Continue Watching’, you can follow our guide on how to remove videos from Continue Watching on Prime Video.

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  • Warren Berkholtz says:

    I accidently and unknowingly left episodes play while my monitor was turned off – by morning half the seaso was lost ! – can I reset some way

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