How to Breed Dogs in Minecraft

In Short
  • You'll need two tamed wolves and two meat items to breed wolves in Minecraft.
  • Use meat on your tamed wolves to feed them. They will enter "love mode," and the new pup will spawn.
  • If the two variants produce the pup, it'll be the same. But if the variants are different, the pup's appearance will be random.

So you’ve explored your Minecraft world and have found wild dogs along the way. After finally learning how to tame a wolf, you managed to make it love you, and you then took them home. Now, you want to expand the dog family but aren’t sure how. Well, then, you’ve come to the perfect place. This simple and easy guide will teach you how to breed wolves and have more dogs to play with in Minecraft. So, with that, let’s begin!

Breed Wolves in Minecraft: Step by Step

Assuming you already have at least two tamed wolves by your side, the rest of the requirements are pretty easy to get. You’ll need any type of meat, whether cooked or raw, pork or beef, rotten flesh or raw chicken. Minecraft dogs will eat anything and won’t get any negative effects.

Now that you’ve got at least two meat items and two tamed wolves, it’s time to learn how to breed them. Let’s begin learning how:

  • While dogs are at full health, use meat on them. You’ll then see heart particles appear above their heads, signifying they entered “love mode.”
  • Once both dogs are ready, they will get close to each other, and soon, the new pup will spawn with a collar equipped, meaning it is automatically tamed. This little sweetie will need some time to grow up, but you can speed that up by feeding it.
Breeding two different wolf variants in Minecraft
  • Once bred, the two parent dogs will enter a cooldown of five minutes.
  • If you’re breeding two of the same wolf variants, the baby wolf will be the same.

However, if you breed two different variants, the new baby wolf will adopt the appearance of one of the parents. If you breed tamed wolves that belong to another player, the baby wolf will also follow the original owner. Breeding two dogs with different owners will randomly assign the pup to one of the owners.

Breeding animals in Minecraft allows you to duplicate them for various purposes. This is the same for the wolves. So, this is fairly useful if you love one specific wolf variant but don’t really want to spend hours searching for a lot of them in the world.

Not only that, but since wolves are far more powerful than they used to be, having a big pack of dogs will help you greatly in adventures even in the scariest deep dark places.

If this guide helped you breed dogs, don’t forget to share it with other Minecraft enthusiasts. Until next time, enjoy playing with your doggos!

What is the rarest wolf in Minecraft?

The rarest wolf variant is the snowy wolf that spawns in the Grove biome.

What do baby wolves eat in Minecraft?

You can feed baby wolves the same food the adults eat, so any type of meat.

Can you breed wolves without taming them?

No, you can only breed tamed wolves in Minecraft.

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