Honkai Star Rail Leak Shows Traveling in Penacony Will Use Optical Illusions

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Acheron, The Galaxy Ranger
In Short
  • Leaked gameplay footage of Penacony reveals a new traveling mechanic using Optical Illusions.
  • Activating Dream's Eye from nearby Bird Statues changes the standard Third person view to Bird's eye view.
  • In the Dream's Eye, unconnected buildings are auto aligned to form a traversable path.

The new world of Penacony will be released in just a few weeks with the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 version. Like Xianzhou Luofu, Penacony will also feature new travel mechanics and puzzles. New gameplay footage leaked on Reddit revealed the traveling mechanics in Penacony.

Traveling in Penacony will use optical illusions, reminiscing of the popular game Monument Valley. The leaked game footage shows the player interacting with a Bird statue at the edge of a dead end, and then the camera view changes from Third Person to Bird’s Eye. Another notable fact is that the interaction option for the Bird Statue says ‘Activate Dream’s Eye.’

After activating the Dream’s Eye, the Bird’s Eye view will auto-align the view of different unconnected buildings to form a path, which can then be traversed by the player. Once the player turns off the Dream’s Eyes on the other end, the view goes back to normal.

With all the recent clues and leaks about Penacony and with what we saw in the TGA trailer, the land will likely feature many dreamlike and futuristic elements. It has already been leaked that the HSR 2.0 update will allow players to Salvage relics into Lost Gold Fragments and also players will be able to select the ‘Enhance to the Next Stage option. Moreover, with Black Swan playing a role in the Penacony missions, we might see a link between memories and the dream.

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