hinge meditation to mitigate dating anxiety

Hinge Brings ‘Pre-Date Meditations’ to its App to Help with Dating Anxiety

hinge meditation to mitigate dating anxiety

Popular dating app Hinge is bringing a new ‘pre-date meditation’ feature to its app with an aim to calm down daters before their romantic dates with their match. The company has collaborated with Headspace to add meditating sessions, specifically designed to help daters tackle anxiety before their dates.

Hinge added the online meditating sessions to its platform just recently. These bite-sized five-to-six-minutes meditating sessions are designed to help Hinge users deal with “a little bit of dating anxiety” and daters can access these at no extra cost. This is a much-needed feature this year, where everyone has been disconnected and away from the real world due to the ongoing pandemic.

Now, the two meditating episodes are entirely narrated by the Director of Meditation at Headspace, Eve Lewis. And in the first “Pre-Date Meditation” episode, Lewis talks about how it is perfectly fine to feel a little nervous before your date. She further adds that it is not abnormal to feel a bit stressed too.

“We tend to rush ahead into the future, sometimes creating a full-blown story of what could or might happen,” says Lewis in the episode. 

Hinge says that these meditating sessions will help you to “clear your mind, calm your nerves, and be your best self” before a date. These will also help first-time daters to deal with a lot of emotions and feelings they go through before their first date.

So, if you are someone who suffers from dating anxiety, download Hinge’s mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also go ahead and watch these episodes, Pre-Date Meditation and Inner Voice Meditation, on Hinge’s YouTube channel.

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