Google Reveals 2023’s Top Searches in India: ChatGPT, Chandrayaan-3 & More

google year in search 2023 top trends of india
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In Short
  • Top news events in India of 2023 included Chandryaan-3, Budget 2023, Matthew Perry, and more
  • Top searched movies in India include SRK's Jawan, Gadar 2, and Oppenheimer
  • Top 'what is' searches in India include ChatGPT, G20, Instagram Threads, and various queries on IPL/Cricket

The year 2023 is ending soon. Google has revealed the most searched topics of the year in various parts of the world. Let’s talk about what were the most searched topics of 2023 in India!

Top Searched News Events in India 2023

Chandryaan-3 was the most searched news event in India. This was ISRO’s incredibly important lunar mission to land on the moon’s south pole, with an associated cost of Rs 615 crores. Chandryaan-3 launched on July 14, 2023, and ended up landing on the moon on August 23. In this period, the Chandryaan-3 mission became a highly memorable event for Indian citizens. The events surrounding ISRO’s mission received high praise and attention from the media.

Apart from this, the election results of Karnataka, news related to events in Israel, Budget 2023, and Matthew Perry’s passing were also popular search terms. The TV Show ‘Friends’ showcasing the life of six friends in NYC is a highly popular show in India, and when the actor who plays Chandler Bing passed away recently, many fans in India were seen searching for the actor’s name.

Top Explainer (What Is) Searches in India 2023

What is ChatGPT?” is the third-most searched result in India under the “What Is” category of searches on Google. This AI chatbot made by OpenAI is already a year old and has gone through a big evolution since its inception.

When ChatGPT first came out, it became an instant favorite among tech enthusiasts. With the advent of AI, humans started to augment their tasks. The overall industry moved forward quite heavily after GPT was introduced, through which several other AI tools were made too.

Apart from this, ‘What is G20‘ was the top searched result. G20 India 2023 was a prestigious event for its citizens. Several countries including the US, Canada, France, South Korea, and more came to the country to discuss global affairs, from September 9 to 10.

Various developments between world leaders were covered by the media fraternity throughout the event’s duration. Other search term that was popular in 2023 was “What is Threads in Instagram” and queries related to cricket.

Top Tutorial (How To) Searches in India 2023

In India, Google’s Year in Review report reveals that people often searched for ‘How to reach my first 5k followers on YouTube‘ in 2023. Yeah, the creator economy is still going strong. Looks like many want to get into content creation, given the trend.

Apart from this, skin-care-related questions topped the search results. People also asked, ‘How to get good at kabaddi?’, a highly competitive sport in India. Chess too, saw an increased interest in India with many searching for ‘How to become a chess grandmaster’.

We will now talk about other popular search terms in India during 2023. It looks like The Last Of Us was the most popular non-Indian TV show that was trending in India this year. In terms of most searched shows overall, Wednesday, Farzi, and Asur were trending in 2023.

For movies, Oppenheimer was the most searched movie in India. In terms of Bollywood movies, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan‘ was the most searched movie overall. Speaking of popular people, the actor Kiara Advani was the most searched person in India. A lot of people in India also searched for ‘coding classes near me‘, highlighting how the youth is aggressively interested in software programming.

Lastly, let’s talk about social media trends. In terms of memes, ‘Bhupendra Jogi‘ was the most searched meme of 2023 in India. Coming in at the #2 position is the ‘So Beautiful So Elegant‘ meme, followed closely by the ‘Moye Moye’ meme that has recently gained popularity.

What are your thoughts on the trending search results of India in 2023, as revealed in Google’s report? Let us know in the comments below.

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