Google Pixel 8 Series Could Bring a Desktop Mode to Rival Samsung DeX

Google Pixel 7 Pro in Green color option showcased with a gray background

Pixel fans have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the Pixel 8 lineup expected later this year. We have been hearing promising rumors about the Tensor G3 chipset, camera upgrades, and software enhancements for the lineup. A few days back, a new leak revealed the display specifications of the lineup as well. Now, it seems like the Pixel 8 series can pack a nifty trick up its sleeve. Keep reading to find out!

Pixel 8 Series to Get Samsung DeX Rival?

As per an Android Authority report, the Pixel 8 series will come with USB-C display output support. This means that both the vanilla Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro will support DisplayPort Alternate mode. The same was spotted by Twitter user Mishaal Rahman as well as part of the Android 14 Beta update. According to him, the beta versions of the upcoming Android OS have support for USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode and are set to bring major improvements to the pre-existing desktop mode.

But, what does this mean for you? With this mode turned on, your smartphone will turn into a mini PC. With a display, mouse, and keyboard, your Pixel 8 can become the perfect work companion. There can be a dedicated desktop mode baked right into your device as well.

With a Pixel 8 device, you will also be able to connect to external monitors using the USB-C port of the smartphone and use it as a secondary display. This will be a really handy feature since smartphones do not have space to accommodate a dedicated HDMI display port. Hence, the USB-C charging port doubling down on its functionality is a boon many will enjoy.

If you can recall this feature is not new. Samsung has been shipping its premium smartphones with its proprietary DeX mode for years now. It works on the same concept and has refined itself over time. Even Motorola has the Ready For feature for the same purpose. Hence, it makes sense for Google to follow suit and offer some competition in this space.

There is not much information available at this moment and we don’t know how Google will support the functionality with its hardware given that it is a resource-intensive feature. We expect to receive concrete details soon. In the meanwhile, treat this revelation with a grain of salt. Stick around with us to know more about the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup. Also, do you think you will benefit from this feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Feature Image: Google Pixel 7 Pro

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  • Erik Pritchard says:

    Google is behind other competitors with this feature. Currently, it’s nearly impossible to use a Pixel device with an external monitor. Samsung and Motorola already do a great job at creating a desktop experience and letting users connect external monitors.

  • Parnashree Pal says:

    what’s the price is this device? you didn’t write here, why ?

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