Google Bard Now Supports Hindi and New Features

Google Bard for Google Workspace Accounts

Google’s answer to the popularity of ChatGPT, Bard recently got available for all and has been getting constant updates to become better. It recently started using the PaLM2 model for improvements and has now got a new update, which has further enhanced its capabilities as a conversational AI model. Google Bard has got some new features and more importantly, more languages, including, Hindi. Here are the details.

Google Bard’s July Update Is Here!

Bard now supports Hindi and more Indian languages, namely, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Urdu. This is a pretty interesting addition as now you can use it for answers to so many questions in your preferred language.

There’s also support for over 30 other languages and more regions like Brazil and across Europe. With this, Google promises to maintain people’s privacy and take their feedback into consideration.

There will be a few new features for Bard AI. This includes the option to rename and pin conversations with Bard so that visiting them, again and again, isn’t a problem. These will be accessible via the sidebar. For those who use Bard for coding, there’s an option to export codes to more places, from Python code to Replit, for instance.

Google Bard pin and rename conversations

Announced back at Google I/0 2023, the Google Lens integration is now live. You will be able to upload images with prompts to get some help regarding it. It currently supports US English but will soon expand its language pool. Bard also supports shareable links so that you easily share conversations with it with others.

Additionally, Bard will be able to speak its responses (there will be a speaker icon for this) for better clarity, especially when you need to know how to pronounce a said word. Plus, the tonality of Bard’s responses can be changed; you can select from options like simple, long, short, professional, or casual.

Google Bard updates

Google plans to continue improving Bard and hence, we can expect more updates in the future. If you haven’t tried your hands at it yet, here’s how you can use Bard with ease. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Bard and its new updates in the comments section below!

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