Genshin Impact New Banner ‘Chronicled Wish’ Explained

In Short
  • Genshin Impact 4.5 will feature a new banner named Chronicled Wish, next to the Limited and Standard Banners.
  • The new banner will have an Epitomized Fate system, with a max of 1 Fate Point required to guarantee the selected item.
  • The Chronicled Wish banner will feature both 5-star characters and weapons.

Genshin Impact 4.5 livestream revealed that a new banner named Chronicled Wish will start featuring from the 4.5 version, alongside the limited and standard banners. This new banner will feature many popular 5-star characters and weapons, including event-limited ones. Here is everything you need to know about the new Genshin Impact banner named Chronicled Wish.

Chronicled Wish Banner: Characters and Weapons

The new Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact banner will feature both characters and weapons and it will run next to the Genshin Impact 4.5 banner. This banner will feature 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star characters and weapons. Event-exclusive characters and banners can appear on the Chronicled Wish banner if they have appeared at least 3 times in the limited banner and haven’t been featured in the recent banners.

Genshin Impact New Chronicled Wish Banner
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Also, characters who have been featured in a Chronicled Wish banner previously may be featured again in a future Chronicled Wish Banner. Thus, it is a smart way of allowing players to get their favorite old characters, without the need of re-running them in the limited banners, which allows them to add more new characters.

Genshin Impact has been out for a long time and has released a lot of characters over time. So, it is very difficult for them to give old characters a rerun banner because they also have to feature the new characters. This new banner will allow them to do that, make the fans happy, and bring more profit to the company, all at the same time.

Genshin Impact Chronicled Wish Banner Pity Mechanic

First, let’s talk about the core element of the Chronicled Wish banner – its Pity mechanic. The Genshin Impact Chronicled Wish banner is going the Limited Weapon banners route, implementing a Path system similar to the Epitomized Fate. However, instead of 2 Fate Points, players only need 1 Max Fate Point to get their selected item.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Players can select the character or weapon they want in this new banner and pull for it. If they miss the character or weapon they wanted, they will get 1 Fate point, which will make the next hard pity the guaranteed character or weapon you selected earlier.

The Chronicled Banner will grant a 5-star item after 80 items, and there is a 50.00% chance of getting the selected character. If you miss the item on the first hard pity, you are guaranteed to get it on the next one. Players will also win a guaranteed 4-star item for every 10 pulls.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Another useful addition is that players will get the type of item they have selected on the hard pity when they lose 50-50. For example, if you have selected a character for the pull, then on hard pity you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character when you lose 50-50. This is the same for the weapons.

Another thing to note is that the item count for Hard Pity will carry over to the next Chronicled Wish banner, however, the Fate Points for the selected item won’t.

What Currency Does Chronicled Wish Banner Use?

The Chronicled Wish banner requires players to use Intertwined Fate to pull for the items. Intertwined Fate is the same currency used for limited banners on Genshin Impact. You can get them by converting Primogems or as rewards.

Chronicled Wish Banner Schedule

The Chronicled Wish banner may change the roster in every version, and it can also retain some characters with the previous Chronicled Wish banners. This new Genshin Impact banner will stay unchanged for the entire period of the version and won’t be separated into different phases.

So, that’s about it. I think it’s a good way to rerun the old characters without crowding the limited banners, although it would have been better if we could pull using Acquaint Fates instead, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. Tell us your thoughts about the new Genshin Impact banner, Chronicled Wish, in the comment section.

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