StarCraft is one of the best and most popular RTS game out there. StarCraft II is still one of the most competitive games played at the highest levels all over the world. If you have already played StarCraft and fallen in love with the strategy genre, then you must be itching for some more fantastic games in the genre that also offer great gameplay experience along with an intriguing storyline. Well, look no further because we bring you 15 of the best games like StarCraft that you can enjoy:

1. Age Of Empires 2: HD Edition

Age of Empires is one of the most popular RTS franchises that has garnered positive reviews from gamers all around the world. This series single-handedly brought the RTS genre to the forefront and turned it into a mainstream genre for all the games to come. Age of Empires 2: HD Edition is a re-release of the original Age of Empires 2 on Steam. Age of Empires 2 is considered to be the best game in the series with amazing historical events that you can take part in.

The graphics are splendid for a game released in 1999, and the HD Edition does polish the visuals even further making giving it the HD treatment. You don’t need history classes when you can play as Genghis Khan or Joan of Arc

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2. Civilization V

Civilization V is one of the best turn-based strategy games available out there. You take the role as the leader of the world. From the dawn of the humans to the highly advanced space age where you can discover new planets and explore outer space. Build one of the most powerful empires in the world. Wage wars against other civilizations, go toe-to-toe with great leaders from history and conduct diplomacy to help advance your civilization.

You can also go head-to-head against other players via online or LAN-based multiplayer. The best thing about Civilization V is the fact that you can install mods directly from an in-game feature without having to leave the game at all.

Download ($49.33)

3. Command & Conquer 4

Humankind is at the edge of extinction, and it’s up to you to help mankind fight the mysterious war against galactic forces. Command & Conquer 4 brings the entire Tiberian saga to an end with an epic clash between the Global Defense Forces and the Brotherhood of Nod. You can play the campaign solo or partner up with a friend to tackle the campaign in co-op multiplayer mode. Choose your sides and select your preferred class according to your playstyle. Command & Conquer 4 brings in new resources, tools, weapons, and units to the series. It’s all about cleverly strategizing your plays and outsmarting your enemies in this game.

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4. Universe at War

Universe at War


Universe at War is the closest you will get to StarCraft’s gaming style in terms of storyline. An Alien race has landed on Earth, and they are trying to strip our planet bare. However, the Novus machines are there to defend the world, and the war begins. You can play the standard story mode for the storyline, or you can create your own scenarios in the Scenario mode where you get to attack or defend Earth. Multiplayer mode lets you take on other players in an all-out war, or you can join forces with others to Defeat your true enemy. Universe at War is a well-rated game and definitely a must-try for StarCraft lovers.

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5. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a Viking inspired tactical RPG that will take you back to the land of the Vikings, where you have to strategize your each move and stay ahead of your enemies in the battle of wits. The game is entirely based on the choices you make during the gameplay. Each choice you make has an effect on your gameplay and the storyline. So, always choose wisely and make decisions that will help you in the long run.

Choose your alliances carefully and select the appropriate characters for each battle because your victory depends on it. The Banner Saga is like Game of Thrones meets The Vikings in a more cartoon-ish way. It’s definitely a great game if you are interested in RPGs or tactical games.

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6. Halo Wars

Halo is one of the most popular First-Person Shooter games out there. However, Halo Wars is a completely different take on the famous Halo franchise. Halo Wars is a tactical RPG where instead of controlling just one soldier, you get to command entire armies and send them to epic warfare against the enemies. The game features various elements similar to StarCraft. However, the main focus of the game is warfare with resource management and unit construction similar to RTS games. A must-play for Halo fans and RTS fans alike.

Download ($14.99)

7. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is the spiritual successor to the Age of Empires series. The game follows the same style and gameplay as Age of Empires. You start off in the Ancient age and start gathering resources while researching new technologies in order to advance to a new age. You get to witness the rise and fall of different civilizations from a large span of history. You also have to control 18 different civilizations with unique units and buildings. Each civilization possesses unique traits and abilities which let you experience each civilization in all its glory. Conquer the entire world and become the supreme nation in the Rise of Nations.

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8. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is an epic RTS game from Blizzard that takes you on an amazing journey in the world of Azeroth. This game is set a generation before the World of Warcraft storyline. You get to control all the epic and legendary characters from the World of Warcraft. Forge new alliances between different factions and save the world from multiple threats. Play as the elusive Night elves, ghastly undead, glorious humans, and many other races/factions from the world of Azeroth. Forge new alliances to fight off the Burning Legion and other threats that pose a danger to the beautiful world of Azeroth.

Download ($9.99)

9. XCOM 2

In XCOM 2, Earth has been completely overrun by the Alien race, and a new order is in place. Humanity has surrendered, and only a few who live at the edge are still struggling and trying to fight against the alien race. You take charge of the rebellion and build resources to fight against the alien race.

Use your resources, build your units, and take out enemy bases with your deadly strike teams. Each step takes careful planning and strategy. Otherwise, you always risk losing your resources and units for no good reason. Use new tactics in combat to take your enemy by surprise and destroy them before the even get a chance to react. Along with that, there are various cool XCOM 2 mods, which make the game a must play.

Download ($59.99)

10. Dawn of War

Alien races clash with humankind in this unending warfare. Dawn of War is set in the 41st millennium where both races are trying to destroy the other in order to gain control of the universe. Dawn of War offers amazing customization tools for your army; you can customize your units and bases to your liking with custom insignias, banners, and colors.

The single-player campaign offers an interactive and immersive storyline that takes you directly into the action. Witness the epic clashes between the two forces, forge unlikely alliances and watch as you are betrayed by the ones closest to you in this epic warfare. Get to the top by defeating your friends or strangers in epic multiplayer battles. Dawn of War is a must-play game for all the StarCraft fans out there. .

Download ($12.99)

11. Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

In Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, the days of mankind are limited. The great nation has been left in ruins after the Infinite War. A supreme race seeks to destroy the final remnants of humankind and eradicate them from the universe. It’s now in the hands of the final survivors to fight back against the new threat and enemies to ensure the survival of their race. The new race is your new enemy with their advanced technologies, powerful weapons and full mastery of quantum technology. You can also use the new race in the multiplayer mode. Gather your forces and try to save mankind from going extinct.

Download ($14.99)

12. Total War: Rome II

An epic look at one of the greatest eras and armies in the history. Total War: Rome II retains the strengths of the first title while also bringing unique new tools and features to the series. Become the powerful emperor and take your nation to the glory. Negotiate and broker peace agreements with your enemies or just go all out and storm their walls, the choice is yours. Total War is all about carefully planning your each step and outsmarting your enemies in the battle of wits and valor. Use your resources carefully and strategize your next move accordingly. Total War is all about staying a step ahead of your enemies and taking them by surprise. A perfect game for strategy fans.

Download ($59.95)

13. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is definitely one of the best RTS games ever created. The game does away with regular RTS elements like gathering resources, building structures, etc. The main focus of the game is on tactics and how to use these tactics to your advantage on the battlefield. The realistic battlefields, the real army tactics, the epicness of warfare, and perfectly executed battle are all mixed together in this amazing game. Company of Heroes keeps the player on their toes by replacing the resource gathering process with constantly evolving tactics used in each battle. The game adds more depth to the gameplay by introducing real-time physics and environmental destruction on a larger scale.

Download ($19.99)

14. Battle Worlds: Kronos

Battle Worlds: Kronos is a solid turn-based strategy game that borrows heavily from the classics like Battle Isles, Panzer General, and Advance Wars. The campaign mode demands your utmost attention and dedication which sometimes feels a bit repetitive and boring but keeps the gameplay demanding. Apart from that, you can also use the map creator to create your own maps and upload them. You can also go against other players from around the world in the epic multiplayer mode. Battle Worlds: Kronos gives the turn-based strategy genre another shot at being competitive.

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WAKFU is an epic adventure that lets everyone work towards a goal and gives everyone the opportunity to figure out things along the way. It’s a turn-based MMORPG that merges two different genres into a perfect new game. In this game, everything depends on the choices you make. You can become a  warrior, a merchant, a politician or anything you desire. Your decisions help carve your path and bring you closer to your goal. If you are interested in exploring a beautifully crafted world, find other like-minded players, and complete quests along with other like-minded gamers then WAKFU is definitely a must try for you.

Download (Free to play)

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The Best Games Like StarCraft To Play

Not all of these games may share the same gameplay style or storyline as StarCraft, but they are all some of the best strategy games that offer a unique storyline and polished gameplay. If you think there are other strategy games or any other games like StarCraft that deserve to be on the list, then feel free to mention them in the comments below.


  1. Command & Conquer 4 is an Abomination and should not be on this list, Tiberian Sun (Command & Conquer 2) or Command & Conquer 3 should be there instead.