Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga to Go on an Indefinite Hiatus

Frieren from Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
Image Courtesy: Madhouse
In Short
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End manga is going on a hiatus after the release of Chapter 130.
  • No specific reason for the hiatus has been revealed but fans are familiar with the creator's mental state while working on the manga.
  • The return date for the manga has not announced yet.

The anime adaptation of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End premiered its first episode on September 29, 2023, and since then, it has garnered a massive fan following. We must admit that the anime’s success eventually became the biggest reason for the manga’s popularity and rise in sales.

After blessing the community with 129 gorgeous chapters, the manga will soon arrive with a new chapter on Viz Media. However, following the anticipated chapter’s release, the Frieren manga is said to be going on a hiatus and nothing is yet confirmed about its return date.

It’s not the first time we have come across such news, as it’s a normal practice for every mangaka to go on breaks. Even One Piece went on a three-week break recently. Well, a short break is a necessity in everyone’s life, and mangakas are no different. However, sometimes the release date of the next chapter is confirmed along with the hiatus announcement, but that isn’t the case with Frieren.

Moreover, no specific reason for the hiatus has been revealed, but several fans are familiar with the mangaka’s mental state while working on a particular series. So, they only wish for the author’s well-being. On the other hand, several fans have also started assuming that the break will not last more than one or two months.

What is Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End About?

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End follows an elven mage named Frieren, who is driven by the guilt of not trying to learn about her former human companions when they were young and energetic. The story of Frieren is undoubtedly amazing, but it is Madhouses’ animation that made the anime a hit of all time. With stellar animation and an interesting storyline, the anime won the hearts of every anime fan.

Frieren Season 1 concluded in March 2024, and since then, the community has been waiting for a Season 2 announcement. Well, any information regarding the same hasn’t been greenlit yet, but it can be expected to be out sometime in the coming months as there’s no scarcity in the content of the source material. Furthermore, the manga is not yet finished, so we can expect to see Frieren running for several more seasons.

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