Frieren’s MyAnimeList Reign: The Elf Continues to Top the Elric Brothers

In Short
  • With a score of 9.38 (716,425 members), the brand-new anime Frieren: Beyond Journey's End rose up to the top of the highest-rated anime of all time on MyAnimeList (MAL).
  • For more than five months, it has been at the top without encountering any issues from FMAB and other anime fans.
  • Additionally, it has also occupied the No.1 position in another reputed anime platform, Anime News Network.

A new adventure-fantasy anime called Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Sousou no Frieren) began its run in September 2023 without too much hype. With a few episodes out on streaming platforms, the animation and the Elven Mage began to reel in fans, so much so that Frieren gradually rose to the top of the highest-rated anime of all time on MyAnimeList, the most active online community and database for manga and anime.

After finishing its debut season run in late March 2024, Frieren has managed to hold its fort in the ‘Top Anime’ ranked list on MyAnimeList, beating out the Elric Brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for almost two months now.

A New Age of Magic Begins with Frieren!

Frieren in Sousou no Frieren anime
Image Courtesy: Sousou no Frieren by Madhouse Studios (X/@FRIEREN_PR)

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime concluded its first season in March 2024 but even before that, with just 11 episodes out, it dethroned the classic Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and climbed up to the top of the list.

This is not a new feat, per se, as several other popular anime, such as Attack on Titan’s final seasons, Fruit Basket: The Final, and even Oshi no Ko, have managed to claim the throne at the peak of their popularity. However, they topple down soon after, surrendering the top spot to Fullmetal Alchemist time and again.

This is primarily because FMAB fans love to keep their favorite Elric brothers at the top with much effort, and there are multiple claims that these fans “review bomb” their rivals to force them to drop in rankings.

Inarguably, FMAB is one of the greatest anime to be ever made and the Elric Brothers deserve all the accolades (and love for their struggles). It’s one of the reasons why it has ranked the highest on MyAnimeList’s Top Anime list for more than 10 years. I adore FMAB, and it holds a special place in my heart but eras come to an end.

With Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Studio Madhouse made one of the best anime adaptations of all time by elevating the source material to unbelievable heights. That is why it captured every fan’s heart as well as the throne of the Top Anime chart on MyAnimeList. Initially, I was elated to see our cute Elf from Frieren hold onto the top spot. However, I expected its run to be over in a couple-odd weeks and FMA Brotherhood to come out on top, again. I, along with other fans, have been proven wrong, though.

  • Highest-rated anime list of MAL
  • Highest-rated anime list of ANN

At the time of writing, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is sitting at the top with a score of 9.38 (716,425 members) on MAL, and 9.14 on ANN. Frieren is not just the highest-rated anime series on MyAnimeList but also on a well-known anime community site, Anime News Network.

Unlike in the past, there has been a paradigm shift with FMAB as Frieren has not tumbled in the rankings since the conclusion of the first season.

I agree that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a completed anime series and the Frieren anime just had its debut season. However, Frieren is not your typical run-of-the-mill shonen anime, it is a thought-provoking and moving anime unlike we have ever seen before. I fell in love with this fantasy series since its premiere and have been recommending it to everyone to get a taste of pure fantasy.

If Frieren successfully manages to be in this unique form, then there is no way any other anime can challenge its throne in the near future. That said, let us know your thoughts on the Frieren anime in the comments below.

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