Here’s Your First Look at Alan Wake 2 Extended Gameplay

Alan Wake 2 gameplay and release date confirmed

The reveal of Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment personally energized me (no pun intended to the Energizer battery) after years of anticipation and one cancellation. With the studio revealing scant details during the PlayStation showcase, we get further info from the Summer Games Fest. It does not end there, as Remedy Entertainment also revealed a slice of the upcoming Alan Wake 2 gameplay.

First Look at Alan Wake 2 in Action

Sam Lake, Director at Remedy took the stage to introduce the gameplay of the upcoming title. He also shared numerous tidbits about the upcoming title by the studio. Sam reiterated that this is the first survival horror game by the studio and that they are going all in with it.

Sam then spoke a bit about the two protagonists of Alan Wake 2 and how the game will flow. As per Lake, players can either choose to play as Saga Anderson, the new protagonist, or writer Alan Wake. Saga’s gameplay will take her through the Pacific Northwest region of America, while Alan’s gameplay will take him through the Dark Place versions of a few locations. Saga and her partner Alex Casey come to investigate certain ritualistic murders, which quickly turns into a nightmare after she discovers pages of a horror story.

Sam Lake once again confirmed that while this is a sequel, it is also a standalone experience. Players will go into the game as Saga, and who they play as depends on the players. “There is no right way to play through this,” Lake says. Finally, he ended his talk by revealing the first gameplay of Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay is approximately 3 minutes long and shows Saga in a section near Cauldron Lake investigating. We get a look at one of the Takens that tries to attack her. The game follows the same gameplay style introduced in Alan Wake, with the character hugging the left side of the screen and over-the-shoulder shooting.

We also get a glimpse at how the torch works in Alan Wake 2. Players can still boost the torchlight, weakening the enemy. Doing so will allow the players to successfully attack and kill them. Dodge mechanic is also back from the original Alan Wake, allowing players to ignore enemy attacks.

One curious little detail revealed in the gameplay is a case-board pop-up when Saga picks up an item. This might confirm that the game will have players solve mysteries and cases. After all, Saga is an FBI profiler investigating a cult. The Alan Wake 2 gameplay clip doesn’t provide many details, but enough for everyone to get it.

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