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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs Echo Dot 2nd Gen: What’s New?

echo dot 3

The famous Amazon Echo series just got overhauled by the internet giant, along with a slew of new Alexa-powered smart devices. With this, the Amazon Echo Dot has received the awaited design and feature upgrade two years after the launch of the second generation.

The biggest visible change is in terms of the design, which now rounder, allowing the Echo Dot 3 to blend into your living room or bedroom much more easily. But there are some noticeable changes under the hood too. Amazon also boasts of louder speakers and it is also compatible with the all-new Echo Sub subwoofer. Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

Design Changes

As very evident from the picture, the new Echo Dot now has a rounded design, away from the previous rigid shape, with the speakers now placed along the circumference of the cylindrical shape. This gives it a look similar to the Google Home Mini but the top panel and the blue halo light gives it a more attractive appearance.

 Amazon Echo Dot 3

The top features the same four-button configuration on the top panel which is made of plastic and is also rounded along the perimeter. Amazon has also bumped up the numbers in the dimensions with the Echo Dot 3 being 3.9-inches in diameter and 1.7-inch in height.

The new Amazon Echo Dot is also available in a new heather grey color to complement the old black and white hues.

Sound Changes

The Echo Dot 3 has a bigger driver which makes it up to 70 percent louder compared to the previous Dot speaker. You will still be able to attach an external speaker because the 3.5mm jack is retained on the new model. Additionally, you can connect external speakers via Bluetooth just in case you want a louder setup.

 Amazon Echo Dot 3

There’s a change in terms of the microphone arrangement too and instead of seven, the Echo Dot features only four far-field microphones. We can’t say for sure without reviewing the smart speaker if this change affects its working but Amazon still claims that the speaker can hear you across the room with these microphones. Amazon updated the voice processor in the previous update but there was no mention this time.

Echo Dot 3 vs Echo Dot 2: Specs Comparison

 Amazon Echo Dot 2nd GenAmazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Dimensions1.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches1.7 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
Weight163 grams300 grams
ButtonsMute, Action, Volume ButtonsMute, Action, Volume Buttons
LightsLight RingLight Ring
WiFi802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
Bluetooth Audio InputYesYes
Bluetooth Audio OutputYesYes
AUX Audio InputNoNo
AUX Audio OutputYesYes
SpeakerSmall Speaker only for Alexa voice feedbackSmall Speaker only for Alexa voice feedback
PowerAdapter (not portable)Adapter (not portable)
Alexa ActivationVoice or Action buttonVoice or Action button
All Alexa FeaturesYesYes
Price$49.99 (Rs 4,499)$49.99 (Rs 4,499)
Warranty90-dayOne Year
AvailabilityAmazon websiteAmazon website
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack, White, Grey

Echo Dot 3 Price and Availability

Amazon Echo Dot 3 is available in India for the same price for what the second generation was launched for i.e. Rs 4,499. Seeing Amazon release the new smart speaker in India on the same day as its international unveiling, as well as its strong marketing campaign, we can expect sufficient stocks of the Echo Dot 3.

Meanwhile, if you want a more affordable solution, you can still opt to buy the second generation, the price of which was recently slashed in India by Rs 1,000, such that it now cost Rs 3,499.

Buy the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) on Amazon (Rs 4,499)

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