Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Have Multiple Save Files?

In Short
  • Like the first game, Dragon's Dogma 2 only has a single save slot.
  • Capcom confirmed the same in an interview with IGN Japan.
  • This is mostly due to the game's shared pawn system. Furthermore, it will ensure players must live with their choices

Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 has finally launched and is experiencing a series of positive and negative elements. Besides the performance issues and surprise microtransactions, many gamers are wondering if Dragon’s Dogma 2 comes with multiple save files to log their progress. If you’re wondering the same, keep reading as we break it down for you here.

Many people wonder whether the upcoming action RPG will feature multiple save slots, and that query is justified. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t have multiple save files. In an interview with IGN Japan (machine translated), Capcom confirmed its desire to choose the single save slot system because it wanted the player’s actions to have permanent consequences.

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Image courtesy: Capcom/Dragon’s Dogma 2

In recent years, while few RPGs have only one character save slot (I’m looking at you, AC Valhalla), they’ll always have multiple save slots for, you know, those save scumming times. However, Capcom isn’t beating around the bush, and it wants you to suffer for every dumb decision in-game.

How Does the Save System in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Work?

Dragon's Dogma 2 NPC multiple save slots
Image Courtesy: Capcom/Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s save system works similarly to that of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This means you will only have one save slot. This includes the autosave, which occurs at the important points, and the manual save, which you can do at any point in the game.

However, since one save slot exists in-game, any auto/manual save will replace the older one. If you make a mistake, you have to live with the result, and you cannot roll back to an older save file for a better outcome. While the Pawn system might be the main reason for the reliance on a single-character, single-save file system, the unique time-limited boss fights can also be a reason.

Nevertheless, we hope you prepare accordingly and forget worrying about saving slots. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a unique RPG whose beauty lies in its randomness and adventures. Hence, enjoy the random encounters and move on with the outcomes of those encounters. Are you excited for Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Do you think having a single save in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the right call? Let us know in the comments below!

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    One save file and as for the right or wrong call of course its a Cash Grab call unlock save slot for 13.99$

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