Diablo 4 PvP Explained: How the Fields of Hatred Works

Let’s be honest, online live-service games rely on their PvP experience as much as the PvE experience, and of course, Diablo 4 comes with the former too. However, the PvP in the game works a tad differently than the conventional way. While most games will open the sparring sessions outright during the exploration or at specific arena spots, Diablo 4 incorporates it into the story in an organic way. Unfortunately, people that enjoy PvP might find it tough to figure out how to spar in the game. In this article, we go into the details on how to enable and take part in the PvP of Diablo 4.

How to Track Down Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4


To start taking part in PvP of Diablo 4, you need to travel to an area called the Fields of Hatred, located in the southern parts of Dry Steppes. There is a town called Alzuuda in the area, and it hosts a waypoint. Hence, we suggest capturing it to make traveling to this place an easier experience. As per the lore of the game, the area of Alzuuda has been seeing a lot of anger and hatred during Diablo 4. The reason is because of the influence of the prime evil Mephisto.

Fields of Hatred can be entered in various ways on the map. You will be passing through the field to enter Alzuuda. Here, an NPC will give you a priority quest, introducing you to the Altars of Extraction and the PvP aspect of the game.

How to Do PvP Fights in Diablo 4

Follow the steps below to enable PvP and fight other players in Diablo 4:

  • Spawn at the Alzuuda waypoint to enter the Fields of Hatred.
  • Once here, open up your quick access menu by pressing E on a keyboard and up on the D-Pad on a controller.
  • Scroll to the right section of the quick-access menu to find the option called “Mark Yourself For Blood.”
  • Bloodmarking yourself will show you to all other players on the map. Additionally, other bloodmarked players can also see you, enabling PvP in diablo 4. You cannot kill players that aren’t bloodmarked. Similarly, other players not bloodmarked cannot kill you.

Following the above steps will enable you to take part in the PvP section of the game. Keep in mind that we recommend you try doing the PvP after level 35. By that point, you should have all the essential skills and passive unlocked.

What are Altars of Extraction in Diablo 4

Simply put, the Altars of Extraction is one of the activities specifically exclusive to the Fields of Hatred. If you kill enemies in the Fields of Hatred, you will receive Seeds of Hatred in limited quantities. You then purify these seeds in Altars of Extraction, which notifies all the players roaming the Fields of Hatred.

This is another way to take part in the PvP experience and requires you to be bloodmarked if you want to fight other players in Diablo 4.

  • Seeds of hatred
  • Altar-of-Extraction

Completing the ritual will purify the seeds into Red Dust. This currency is exclusive to the vendors at Alzuuda, and you can exchange them for horse armor, armor, weapons, and even at Purveyor of Curiosities.


One thing to note is that if you or the player are carrying Seeds of Hatred, they or you will drop those seeds upon death. This is a great way to gather as many Seeds of Hatred as possible. However, remember that the game requires you to be an amazing PvP player to successfully subdue other players.

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