Demon Slayer Moon Breathing: All Forms Explained

Demon Slayer is all about swordsmanship and the techniques to use them, which are known as breathing techniques. But almost all of the breathing techniques in the series are created and used by humans – all except moon breathing. This is a demonic breathing technique that is not only unique but also extremely powerful. But what makes Moon Breathing so powerful? And what is the deadliest form of it? So let’s find out the answers to these questions and a lot more in our guide to Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer.

Moon Breathing is the demonic form of the primal Sun Breathing in Demon Slayer anime and manga. Developed by Kokushibo, aka Michikatsu Tsugikuni, this is the second most powerful breathing technique in the series that no human can use. Moreover, it also has more forms than any other type of breathing. Use the table below to explore all forms of moon breathing.

What is Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer?

kokushibo on manga cover of Demon Slayer

Moon Breathing has a unique history and origin story behind it. It stems from Sun Breathing, which is the first and strongest breathing technique in the world of Demon Slayer. The Sun Breathing technique was created by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was the first demon slayer to ever exist. Later, his twin brother Michikastu tried but struggled to master the Sun Breathing. And instead of continuing his futile attempts, he created a variant of the original breathing style and termed it Moon Breathing.

While his breathing style was powerful, it was never as good as the original Sun Breathing. And well, Michikastu knew that. So, soon after discovering his technique, he became a demon out of envy for his twin brother and took a step beyond the limits of the human body. He also changed his name to Kokushibo, which interestingly means “black death” in Japanese. However, this transformation didn’t stop him from mastering and improving his unique breathing style.

Then, as time progressed, he merged the Moon Breathing with his Blood Demon Art to create moon-shaped crescent blades and a unique sword that goes hand-in-hand with his breathing style. So, as you might expect, combining his demonic abilities with powerful breathing techniques turned Kukoshibo into one of the strongest characters in the Demon Slayer.

Different Forms of Moon Breathing Technique

First Form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace

First Form Dark Moon,Evening Palace

In the first form of Moon Breathing, Kokushibo uses his sword to unleash a series of quick slashes horizontally in the shape of a crescent moon. While doing so, the demon releases several crescent blades at once toward the enemy. The strength of this move lies in the fact that the user unleashes and moves quickly with the blade, leaving no chance for the opponent to escape.

Second Form: Pearl Flower Moongazing 

Pearl Flower Moongazing

Putting breaks on the overwhelming attacks, Kokushibo’s second form of Moon Breathing sends out multiple crescent slashes at once. The series of moves cancel out all incoming attacks toward the demon and act as a defensive measure for him. Since Kokushibo doesn’t have to move while unleashing this attack, it also gives him a chance to retreat and plan his next move.

Third Form: Loathsome Moon, Chains 

Loathsome Moon, Chain 

The third form of Moon Breathing is rather unique and perfectly chaotic to overwhelm the opponent. Here, Kokushibo sends out two large crescent slashes at once, which become multiple minor slashes before reaching the enemy. Due to the continuous succession of each attack, the crescent slashes appear to be in a chain, trying to grab the opponent.

The area of impact is still small but the destruction caused by each one of these slashes adds up to heavy damage. As per the manga, this move wasn’t too hard to dodge for skilled demon slayer corps members. However, it gave enough room to the Upper Moon demon to fight multiple attackers at once.

Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy

Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy

Every single attack that Kokushibo launches on the demon slayers is overwhelming and scary. But what if they have to deal with a wave of incoming slashes? That’s exactly what happens during the fifth form of Moon Breathing. In it, Kokushibo launches one slash after another toward his opponents, stacking each slash on top of the other.

This results in a typhoon of sword slashes and crescent blades, which is almost impossible to dodge. Plus, if you get caught, the injuries are sure to get fatal. Fortunately, the Wind Hashira, who is one of the fastest in the corps, was able to escape it – but only narrowly.

Sixth Form: Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon – Incessant

Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon - Incessant Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer

When people imagine sword fights they usually think of opponents fighting in close proximity. However, this limitation doesn’t apply to the Upper Rank 1 Demon Kokushibo, and the sixth form of Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer is a testament to that. To perform this attack, the demon unleashes a crusade of several crescent slashes that go several meters from his spot.

This is the move that allowed him to overpower the Wind Hashira and even destroy pillars at the far end of the room. So, the move is not only long-ranged but is also very powerful and deadly.

Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit

Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit

Being a demon, Kokushibo is larger, stronger, and faster than almost any human in existence. Plus, since his sword is made of Blood Demon Art, it can change form and size as per his wish. This comes in handy during the seventh form of Moon Breathing, where we see him launch a shock-wave-like series of attacks with a gigantic sword.

Every single attack in this move goes much further than a regular slash and leaves lasting impacts on the ground. Even Himejima, the strongest member of the Demon Slayer Corps, got shaken up by this form of Moon Breathing. Furthermore, since this move launches attacks in multiple directions at once, it is perfect for knocking back multiple enemies at once.

Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail

Moon-Dragon Ringtail Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer

Dragon-like movements and breathing techniques have more in common than you might think. The eleventh form of Sun Breathing allows Tanjiro to move like a dragon and overwhelm his opponents flawlessly. But when it comes to Moon Breathing and Kokushibo’s replica, it’s even more overwhelming. With Moon-Dragon Ringtail form, the user first unleashes a huge single crescent slash, which turns into several smaller crescent blades as it lands.

Due to the unexpected size change and the curve nature of the attack, you can’t predict where it is going to land. Further, you have to notice every single blade to be able to dodge them. The Wind Hashira failed to figure out this move on time and ended up getting his ankle caught up. This significantly affected his movement in the fight.

Ninth Form: Waning Moonswaths 

Waning Moonswaths  Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer

As the name suggests, this form of Moon Breathing tries to reflect the waning moon in its movement. Following the noticeable pattern in most forms of Moon Breathing, Waning Moonswaths create a string of crescent slashes, but instead of focusing in one direction, they go vertically as well as horizontally toward the enemy.

These slashes are supported by a bunch of smaller crescent moon blades that form a waning moon shape around the slashes. When the attack hits the opponent, they don’t only have to deal with a massive blow but also a bunch of smaller blades that curve around them. This allowed Koshushibo to attack Sanemi’s back without moving from his place.

Tenth Form: Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves

Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves

If you are watching the Demon Slayer anime closely, you might have noticed that some of the most powerful moves in the series are often simple. The same is true for the tenth form of Moon Breathing as well. In it, Koshushibo launches a three-layered slashing attack made up of crescent moon blades.

It combines the power of multiple sharp points with an overwhelming blow. The demon launched it to end Sanemi, the Wind Hashira. But did he survive it? You’ll have to read the manga or wait for season 3 of Demon Slayer to find out.

Fourteenth Form: Catastrophe, Tenman Crescent Moon

Catastrophe, Tenman Crescent Moon Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer

Koshushibo is the second strongest demon in existence and the fourteenth form of his Moon Breathing makes it quite evident. In this move that can take down three Hashiras at once, he creates a huge whirlpool of large slashes that have the power to cut anything that comes their way. For a change, he doesn’t involve the smaller moon blades in this move and relies on extremely powerful slashes only.

Sixteenth Form: Moonbow, Half Moon

Moonbow, Half Moon - Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer

The sixteenth and final form of Moon Breathing is also the most terrifying move of Koshushibo. If you can’t dodge it, your end is inevitable. It holds the power to immediately cancel out all techniques of even the strongest Hashiras, and Gyomei experienced the same firsthand.

With Moonbow and Half Moon, Koshushibo brings a downpour of six extremely large slashes on the demon slayers. Each slash creates a crater where it lands. So, coming in the way of this attack would mean serious damage if not direct fatality. Plus, thanks to the demonic speed of its user, it’s difficult to even counter it. So, unless you it coming, there is no way to escape from the most powerful Moon Breathing attack.

Where are the Missing Forms of Moon Breathing?

While the manga confirms that there are a total of 16 forms of Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer, we only have 11 of them to offer you. Because Kukoshibo didn’t have to use all the forms in quick succession, the manga skips over 5 forms altogether. Since the anime is closely following the source material, we don’t have high hopes of seeing the missing forms in its adaptation as well.

However, the hope isn’t all lost yet. There are several fan theories, Reddit discussions, and Demon Slayer-driven stories that feature the missing forms. You can explore them to satisfy your curiosity. Who knows, one of the animators might get inspired by the same.

Now, you are familiar with the darkest and one of the strongest breathing techniques in Demon Slayer. But much like other techniques, it’s only as powerful as its users. So, don’t forget to find out where Kokushibo fits in our list of strongest characters in Demon Slayer. Moreover, as you might have noticed, the swords also play a major role in defining how powerful each form of a breathing technique can be. With that in mind, do explore our dedicated guide to learn about all the swords in Demon Slayer. Having said that, do you think Moon Breathing, as an ability, is overpowered or is it balanced? Tell us in the comments below!

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