Dell Betters Its Concept Luna Sustainable PC Design

dell concept luna

Last year, Dell introduced us to the Concept Luna, which is a sustainable PC design for easy laptop repairs. A year later, Dell is still pretty much serious about the new concept and talks further about it and has now further refined the modular nature of the concept. Check out the details below.

More Details on Dell’s Concept Luna Out

Dell’s Concept Luna is an effort to reuse the available materials and repair a laptop for reduced carbon emissions and a sustainable environment. The new concept of PC design has been further advanced to dismiss the need for adhesives and cables, making repairability easier than ever. Plus, dismantling would become simple too.

Dell’s Glen Robson, says, “Concept Luna could dramatically simplify and accelerate repair and disassembly processes, making components more accessible and expanding opportunities for reuse.

While a conventional process of repairing or dismantling a device can take hours (this includes screws, glues, and various soldered components), Concept Luna can perform the same process in minutes. The parts come with QR codes, making it easier to replace them. Dell also has a video for us that showcases the whole process. You can check it out below for a better idea.

Dell combines its Concept Luna with robotic automation and telemetry. It is said that the telemetry being used for this also tracks the health of the individual system components so that nothing is wasted. This can optimize the lifespan of the various components of a PC for not all components have the same lifecycle.

The aim is to make more devices with a modular design. It is further revealed that “the exciting addition of robotics and automation serves as a catalyst to accelerate efficient device disassembly, measure component health and remaining usability, and better understand which components can be reused, refurbished or recycled – so nothing goes to waste. This vision has broad and profound implications for us, our customers, and the industry at large, as we work together to reduce e-waste.

This is still a concept and it will take some time for Dell to make it commercially available. Dell wants to keep working in the direction of a sustainable future. So, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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