Visualize Delhi in 10 Beautifully Designed Minimalist Posters

If you are a Delhi resident or have visited the place at-least once in your lifetime, you can related to these amazingly beautiful minimalist Delhi posters. These posters have been designed by Delhi based designers/art directors, Samrat Ray and Abhishek Prasad.

Samrat and Abhishek have designed these posters almost a year ago but only a handful of people have seen these posters, so we thought of sharing this on our website so that the posters get the attention they deserve.

Let’s check out the fantastic posters!

1. Gimme the Keys

Delhi Minimalist poster 1

2. How many passengers?

3. Buses goes wherever you want.

4. Meters don’t work in Delhi.

5. Luggage costs extra.

6. Punishable offence.

7. Bar on a Car.

8. Desert Cooler.

9. One Ultra Milds please.

10. Get the damn payment.

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SOURCE Behance
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