Massive CS2 Update Changes Sticker Placement on Guns; Arms Race and New Skins Added

CS2 update
In Short
  • The new CS2 update has brought many different updates, including stickers and skins.
  • CS2 stickers can now be placed on guns anywhere and even be rotated. Up to 5 stickers are supported now.
  • Arms Race game mode is now back. Two maps, Baggage and Shoots, are available to play.

Counter-Stike 2, while being loved by many, was not really receiving updates for some time. However, that has now changed as a new CS2 update has just dropped. The update features a mammoth of improvements, fixes, and new content. However, the biggest change comes in the form of gun stickers.

Stickers in Counter-Strike are a fun way to customize your weapon skin. They can even be applied to default gun skins. Earlier, you could only put stickers in four designated locations like my personal AK-47 Slate gun skin has:

With the new update, these stickers can be placed anywhere on the gun, which is massive. The stickers can even be rotated for some wild combinations. Plus, you can put up to 5 stickers on one skin now! As Valve says, “Now’s your chance to create the perfect craft.” Check out how the new sticker customization on CS2 guns looks:

Image Courtesy: Valve

Some have already created some wild combinations. Do you know how there is a Deagle Blaze CS2 skin with fiery looks? Check out what FACEIT did to make a hilarious ‘budget’ version using this new sticker update. By the way, you can only place stickers on the gun’s side, which is shown to you.

Counter-Strike 2 Arms Race Is Back

The ‘Call to Arms’ CS2 update marks the return of Arms Race game mode in Counter-Strike. This was previously a very fun game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the predecessor to CS2. In the Arms Race game mode, players essentially level up their weapon until they reach the Knife stage. Finally, killing an opponent with a knife will result in that person winning.

CS2 Shoots Map Arms Race Mode Gameplay

You start with the automatic sniper (G3SG1 or SCAR-20) and level up to other guns, such as the M4A4, Famas, and AK-47, by killing opponents. This list of guns you have to upgrade to before getting a knife also includes various shotguns and SMGs. The game mode is CT vs T, and two maps are available. One is Shoots, set in the jungles.

The map Baggage also sees a return in Counter-Strike 2 with the newest update. This looks awesome in the Source 2 engine lighting and redesigned textures! I had to make my way into dominating the lobby before getting the screenshot below of the gameplay. The map is quite small but fun to play.

CS2 Baggage Map Arms Race Mode Gameplay

Kilowatt Case Brings Kukri Knife & New CS2 Gun Skins

The long-awaited Kukri Knife was spotted in leaks earlier. Now, it has finally appeared with the new Kilowatt collection of CS2 gun skins. You can get the new Killowatt case through the Steam Community Market.

New CS2 Kukri Knife and Killowatt Case

The new update has brought 17 new gun skins. The Zeus X27 gets its first gun skin, called the Olympus. By the way, the new case is on sale for $8.35, so if you get it as a weekly care package, you’d be quite rich if I do say so myself.

Image Courtesy: Valve

Stickers have also increased in price, so if you have some lying around, hurry up and check your CS2 inventory value. All the patch notes can be checked out on the official website. Updates to the sub-tick architecture have also been made. You can check out the Kukri knife animations below, courtesy of X (formerly Twitter) user LERCOgg:

The new CS2 update is quite big. What was your favorite feature in it? For me, the return of Arms Race game mode gives me something brainless to do for hours, just like CS:GO used to feature. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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