Million Dollar CS2 661 Pattern AK-47 Case Hardened Skin Surfaces

million dollar ak47 case hardened skin with 661 pattern
In Short
  • On Buff, the StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened skin with a super rare 661 pattern has been listed.
  • This blue gem has received a valuation of $800K to $1M from CS2 Trader & YouTuber ohnePixel.
  • The ceiling of how expensive CS2 skins get is even higher. In the past, someone rejected a $1.2m offer for a Karambit knife skin.

In Counter-Strike 2, gamers can purchase or unbox gun skins from the cases they get as weekly drops. One of the most iconic skins in CS2 is the AK-47 Case Hardened, which is available in various unique patterns that have different valuations.

Now, a unique StatTrak edition AK-47 Case Hardened gun skin with a rare ‘661 pattern‘ has been spotted on, a China-based P2P trading platform for CS2 items. According to the YouTuber and CS2 trader ohNoPixel, the value estimated for this skin is anywhere from $800,000 to $1 Million.

What makes this skin so valuable is that this pattern has not surfaced for 10 years. According to it is a ‘statistical anomaly‘ to get this AK-47 skin with a 661 pattern through a trade-up contract or case unboxing.

In essence, the 661 pattern on AK-47 Case Hardened gun skins is not found commonly. If you compare this to the normal price of this skin (Steam market), this rare 661 pattern skin costs about 1000x more. Yes, you’re hearing it correctly. There is a virtual gun skin in Valve’s Counter-Strike 2, which is worth 1 million dollars.

However, this isn’t the first time a CS: GO skin has been valued for so high. According to an old video from the CS: GO era, there was a Karambit Case Hardened skin, referred to as the Blue Gem, that was valued at over $1.2 million.

This goes to show the immense wealth people hold in the form of Counter-Strike 2 items. The game features a massive economy and a featureful trading system.

stattrak ak47 case hardened skin listed on buff with 661 pattern counter strike 2 cs2 skin
Image Courtesy: Buff

Whether or not you believe that virtual gun skins should be real and cost this much, the newly discovered AK-47 Case Hardened gun skin in Counter-Strike 2 with its super rare 661 pattern is going to sell for an extremely high price if it does go on sale.

Certain skin collectors of the Counter-Strike 2 community also offer their gun skins temporarily to iconic professional players. These pros play with those highly valuable skins in tournaments, further raising the appeal. The esports industry is growing bigger, along with the game itself, which further validates the CS2 gun skin economy.

What are your thoughts on the million-dollar AK-47 Case Hardened with 661 pattern? Let us know your favorite CS2 skin in the comments below!

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