Firewalk’s Concord Blasts off for PS5 & PC in August 2024

Concord PS5 and PC reveal Cover
Image Courtesy: Sony
In Short
  • Sony's new 5v5 sci-fi shooter Concord from Firewalk Studios was revealed at the State of Play!
  • Choose from 16 unique Freegunners with distinct abilities on launch, battling across various maps and modes.
  • Concord launches globally on PC and PS5 on August 23, 2024.

After months of waiting for what PlayStation’s next live-service game looks like, we finally got an extended view. In the State of Play event, Firewalk, the creators of Concord showcased the gameplay and brief story for the upcoming game. Along with the gameplay, the developers also reveal the release date and platforms.

Concord Gameplay and Mechanics

According to Firewalk, Concord is a 5v5 shooter in a sci-fi universe. You join the Northstar crew in Concord, a band of guns-for-hire known as Freegunners. Traverse the wild reaches of space, taking on high-risk jobs and battling rival crews for glory and rewards. Team up with other players, choose from diverse maps and modes, and dominate the competition.

Concord gameplay reveal
Image Courtesy: Sony

Developers said, “From the very beginning, we wanted to make a tight, well-balanced FPS that feels great to play from the moment you pick up the controller.” They further added:

“While our core gunplay will feel familiar to shooter fans, the versatility and variety of each Freegunner and their abilities makes it so aim and thumbskill alone aren’t always enough to come out on top.”

Concord boasts a variety of Freegunners, from mystics wielding fire to robotic tanks. Each has unique abilities that affect gameplay strategy. Some offer instant tactical advantages like firewalls or explosive throws.

Others have lasting effects on the battlefield, deploying persistent obstacles, traps, or buffs that impact future rounds. Concord will have a roster of 16 distinct Freegunners to learn and master in the initial launch. This will make the game asymmetric and fun for every game you jump into.

Concord Release Date and Platform

According to the official statement, Concord will be globally released on August 23, 2024. The game will also be available for a beta later this year. Concord will blast off the sci-fi world on both PS5 and PC at the same time of release. Sony made it the second live service game after Helldivers 2 (review) to simultaneously make it to both platforms.

Shooting in a Guardians of the Galaxy-style game is looking exciting. Are you excited for Concord now that the release date has been revealed? Tell us in the comments below.

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