This Chrome Extension Lets You Watch Netflix Remotely With Your Friends

This Chrome Extension Lets You Watch Netflix Remotely With Your Friends

Have you ever wanted to Netflix and chill with your friends or loved ones far from home? Worry not, there exists a Chrome extension named Netflix Party that lets you do exactly that regardless of your location.

Netflix Party requires you to send an invitation link to the people you want to watch Netflix with. Do note that an active Netflix subscription is mandatory on both sides for the extension to work.

To get started, install the extension on your Chrome browser and your friend’s browser. Open Netflix, play a show and click on the red “NP” icon present in the top-right Chrome menu and click “Start Party“. A link will be generated as you can see in the below image.

Copy the link using the Copy Link button and share it with your friend. Your friend now has to paste the link in Chrome’s address bar and click on the NP icon to join the party.

Pausing the video on one end seamlessly pauses it on the other end as well, say if your friend wants to take a quick break. The extension also provides you with a chatbox where you can chat and comment about the show in real-time.

You can customize your avatar and nickname in the chatbox to personalize the chat experience. If you’re not a fan of the chatbox, you can choose to hide it by unchecking the Show chat checkbox from the NP icon present in the Chrome menu. Check the below image for a better understanding.

If you’re all set to experience Netflix Party but confused to choose a show, check out some of our movies and TV show recommendations. Try out Netflix Party from the link below and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

Download Netflix Party

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