This New Cryptocurrency Focuses on Charitable Donations to Help ‘Change’ the World

CHANGE Is a Cryptocurrency Focuses on Charitable Donations

While cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Chia Coin, are all the rage in today’s world, many of them don’t really serve a purpose. Instead, some move depending on Elon Musk’s tirades on Twitter while others are labeled as damaging to the environment. So now, a recently launched cryptocurrency aims to change that by giving back to the world. So, when you invest in this crypto, a chunk of the investment goes to various charitable organizations around the world.

Dubbed CHANGE coin, this new crypto launched recently with a slightly different business model. The company goal is to donate the absorbing funds for various charitable purposes around the world. This was proved by the creators who donated over $136,000 for the restoration of over 10,000 trees in areas affected by the Australian bushfires within 24 hours of launch.

Now, to invest, buy, or sell CHANGE coins, you can go to the exchange platform dubbed PancakeSwap ($CHANGE) that is used by an array of other crypto operations. However, do keep in mind that every CHANGE coin transaction includes an additional 10% fee. From this 10%, one percent of the amount is redistributed amongst existing holders to act as a bonus earning for investing in the currency.

The rest of the amount is then transferred to a liquidity pool. From this pool, half of the amount is then kept aside for donation purposes, while the other half is used to maintain a fund for future developments of the currency.

Now, apart from the ingenious business model, CHANGE also prioritizes transparency for its financial activities. The organization remains active on its social media handles and wants the community to suggest organizations or causes that could use donations. Each week, the creators of CHANGE make the donations live on YouTube.

“It would be nice to imagine a world wherein every single transaction — a piece of that goes to charity,” said the company in a YouTube Livestream.

So, amidst various other cryptocurrencies that simply put the value at the top, CHANGE focuses on philanthropy. With its far-reaching goal to change the world for the better, the said cryptocurrency could become the next big thing in the crypto market (talking to you, Elon!).

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  • Hi, I am Matt Corman. I am NOT the founder of this coin. I was an ambassador of the coin when things were going good and they wanted some marketing. But I ultimately distanced myself from the project. Can you please take my name out of the article, I dont want to be associated with this. Thanks

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