You Can Build Windows 98-Inspired UIs with the 98.css Library

98.css feat.

Microsoft launched Windows 98 back on June 15, 1998, and released it to the public 10 days later, on June 25. Since that time, we have a long way. Now, we have Windows 10, which is modern and much more cool looking. However, I still remember those grey, flat UI elements, the blocky-looking dialog boxes and the “Start” button with a pixelated Microsoft logo. Ah! Those were the days. If you still miss that retro design of one of the early versions of Windows, then check out the 98.css, which lets you build Windows 98-inspired UIs for any of your projects.

The 98.css is essentially a CSS library that contains the codes to build Windows 98 looking UI designs. Developers can access the library to add the Windows 98 interface designs to their own projects.

The library already contains some pre-sets for the Windows 98 a title bar, a drop-down menu, a textbox or a groupbox and even a window.

98.css UIs

Now, if you want to customise any of these interfaces, you can easily do it as the library does not contain any Javascript. It is just a CSS style on top of your HTML. So, this means that you can use the library with any of your preferred frontend frameworks.

Another perk of this library is that this project is licensed by MIT. So, this means that you can modify the interfaces as freely as you want to.

You can check out the 98.css on GitHub and if you have an upcoming project, maybe this you’d want to throw some old-school designs in there. Always remember, no matter how much we advance, “old” is just a “g” away from being “gold”!

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  • Jeffrey B Gordon says:

    It’s probably not “licensed by MIT”; it likely uses an “MIT” license.

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