Brad Wolfe: Loki Season 2’s New Character Explained

Loki Season 2 Episode 2 is here, and guys, this episode was rather funny compared to the first episode. This one primarily revolved around Mobius and Loki looking for and finding Sylvie. The duo also find Hunter X-5 in the sacred timeline, where he has become a movie star and named himself Brad Wolfe. Seems pretty normal, right? What if I tell you there’s a huge easter egg in this name? Not only Brad Wolfe, but I believe you might have also noticed the name of the movie, Zaniac, he is working on. Sounds interesting, right? Well, to learn more about it, dive right into this article!

Who is Brad Wolfe aka Hunter-X5?

In Episode 2, Hunter X-5 goes rogue and takes the identity of Brad Wolfe. He becomes a movie star on the scared timeline and has a life for himself. In the Marvel Comics, something very similar happens. A rogue TVA agent becomes an actor named Brad Wolfe and while working on the movie Zaniac, here comes the interesting part, Brad Wolfe becomes possessed by an evil entity that turns him into a serial killer.

Wolfe turns into a monster and starts bringing the story of his movie to life, killing a number of women. He renames himself to Zaniac, and eventually, becomes an enemy of Thor. Zaniac was killed off by Thor in the comic run of Thor#319.

However, in Loki Season 2, it seems like he isn’t possessed yet. Who knows, in the future, we get to see him fight Loki and Mobius as a possessed being, calling himself Zaniac, in the future. The interesting thing is that Brad Wolfe gets possessed while filming the sequel to his movie, Zaniac.

In Episode 2, Brad mentions that he is going to start working on a sequel so there’s a possibility that we might get to see Zaniac in action too. As of now, this is just an assumption and only the future will tell what we get to see in the upcoming episodes of Loki Season 2.

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