Boston Girl Mistakenly Swallows One of Her AirPods; Records Stomach Sounds

Boston Girl Mistakenly Swallows One of Her AirPods; Records Stomach Sounds Inside

Apple AirPods have become a massive hit for the company since its inception back in 2016. Although the truly wireless earbuds from the Cupertino giant are known for their convenience factor, they are also known for their tiny easy-to-lose form factor. However, it now seems like Apple’s AirPods are also a danger to those people who cannot distinguish between a painkiller and a wireless earbud. Well, a Boston girl recently swallowed one of her AirPods instead of an Ibuprofen medicine. Yeah, we are not kidding.

A TikToker from Boston named @iamcarliiib recently took to her TikTok handle to share an “educational” video about her swallowing one of her AirPods after mistaking it for an Ibuprofen 800 medicine. The girl explained that she had the AirPod in her left hand and an Ibuprofen tablet in her right hand as she was crawling into her bed.

“I was crawling into bed. I had Ibuprofen 800 in my right hand and I had my left AirPod in my left hand. I like threw something back, took my water bottle and took a sip… then realized it wasn’t the Ibuprofen,” the girl said in her video. “I tried puking it up and it won’t come out,” she further added.

Now, although the left earbud of the girl’s AirPods was in her stomach, it did not stop working. In another video shared later, @imcarliiib said that while her earbud was inside her stomach, it was still connected to her iPhone. Furthermore, she sent a voice memo to one of her friends that included gurgling sounds from her stomach, recorded by the swallowed AirPod.

Following the incident, the TikToker confirmed that the earbud went out of her body naturally, without getting digested thankfully! Moreover, she said that she did an X-ray to confirm that it was not inside her body anymore.

VIA AppleInsider
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