These 2-in-1 iPhone Cases May Save Your AirPods From Getting Misplaced

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Let’s admit it, AirPods are great at what they do – convenient system, compact design, delivering decent sound and… getting misplaced.

A report from the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which oversees New York’s subways, says that exactly 104 of the roughly 5,000 pieces of rescued personal property from July 2018 to July 2019 were Apple AirPods or their charging cases.

Clearly, people spend a lot buying AirPods, while they spend even more replacing them after losing them in transit or forgetting them in a cab. These little buds are of course convenient, but with that convenience comes the risk of losing them.
Now, what if I told you that you can carry your precious AirPods without the risk of losing them? Let me explain.

Most of us carry our iPhones inside cases to protect our $999 investment. Now I found the perfect case which will protect your iPhone as well as your AirPods.

OFOCASE For iPhones And AirPods


The OFOCASE for iPhone is a case which will protect both your devices, still maintaining the slim profile and non-bulky design. This 2-in-1 case is designed to hold the AirPods at the back of the case inside a pocket made just for the AirPod buds. The case is made of soft silicone and maintains a slim profile. The inside of the case features a suede material like in the original Apple cases. This prevents the scratches on the iPhone.

The design is creative but one flaw of this is that you will have to get rid of your AirPods charging case. That means when you put your buds inside the back of the iPhone case, it would just sit there and won’t be charging. But at $10 (Rs.710), what more can you expect?

But I have got another case which solves this problem. Yeah, I am a case hunter!

PowerX1 Charging Case For iPhone And AirPods


Created by AXS Technology in Brooklyn, NYC, the PowerX1 is a Kickstarter project, which rocks a similar design as the OFOCASE, but solves the major problem of the previous case. The PowerX1, as the name suggests, is a charging case for both the devices. This also has the pocket for only the buds of the AirPods but unlike the OFOCASE, the PowerX1 will charge the buds as well as your phone.

This case features a 3000mAh battery. There are two modes implemented in this case. Mode 1 will charge only the buds, while Mode 2 will charge both the devices simultaneously. The company claims that the X1 can charge the AirPods around 30 times when used in Mode 1. While Mode 2 gives the iPhone 40 hours of talk time when used with an iPhone XS Max.

While the PowerX1 is obviously the better option, it has a better price too. But unfortunately, the Kickstarter project for the PowerX1 has already ended and we do not know when it will be coming back. But the good news is you can head to their official site and sign up for pre-orders.

So these are the cases which may save your AirPods from getting lost, saving you those extra bucks. Yeah, you’re welcome.

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