Bose Now Lets You Downgrade Headphone Firmware if You’re Facing ANC Issues

Bose Now Lets You Downgrade Firmware of QC 35 If You’re Facing ANC Issues

After a series of complaints about Active Noise Cancelation starting with the ones dating back to January 19, 2017, professional audio equipment maker Bose has now addressed the claims of Bose QuietComfort 35 owners.

The issue is believed to have got significant and easily noticeable with the firmware update version 4.5.2 the company rolled out this June. “Made an account to come and say the same thing- new update has severely lowered the quality of ANC, absolutely nowhere near where it was.”, wrote a user on Bose community forum.

There was even a petition on with 898 signatures alleging Bose for intentionally making the ANC worse so that users would upgrade to the newer Bose NC700 model. Considering all these user feedback, Bose conducted an investigation and published its investigation report on Thursday.

According to the report, the company did not find any issues with the firmware update. “Through all of our investigation and testing, we’re confident that firmware 4.5.2 did not affect the noise cancelling feature.”, wrote Wayne_M, Lead Bose Community Manager.

To come to this conclusion, the company conducted a series of tests including engineering tests in the firmware, testing headphones of customers,third-party testing, and even in-house visits to test the credibility of the claims.

However, if you’re still facing issues, Bose has temporarily made it possible to downgrade the firmware through its Bose BTU site. “We’re re-introducing the ability to downgrade firmware QC35 II to 4.3.6 and QC35 series 1 to 2.5.5 via the Bose BTU site for a limited time. Further communication regarding the availability of the downgrade option will be posted to the community at a later date, but if you wish to take advantage of this downgrade option, we advise you to do so as soon as possible.”

In addition, the company has published a video on YouTube that could help you troubleshoot noise cancelation issues that you might be facing with your Bose ANC headphones.

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  • The ANC problems occurred after 1.06, offering to downgrade to something above this version is pointless, so how generous of BOSE…… BOSE should make firmware 1.0.6 available.

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