boAt Announces Its First-Ever Smart Ring

boat smart ring announced

Homegrown wearable brand boAt has announced its first-ever Smart Ring in India. This will mark the brand’s step forward in wearable technology, especially when it will focus on an affordable offering. This comes after the news of Samsung developing a smart ring. Here’s a look at what we can expect from boAt’s upcoming innovation.

boAt Smart Ring Coming Soon

boAt has revealed that the Smart Ring will come with a sleek design and will have a ceramic and metal build for a premium look. It will include the company’s logo on the inside. It is said to be lightweight and durable while being a stylish accessory.

The wearable will include a number of health features, which are normally seen on smartwatches. There will be a heart rate sensor, a SpO2 sensor, a sleep tracker (which will be much easier to use as compared to a smartwatch), and a period tracker too.

boAt Smart Ring coming soon

The Smart Ring will also come with a body temperature sensor, which can help record the body temperature and help know about potential health issues. Plus, there will be the ability to track the steps taken, the distance covered, and the calories burnt to keep an eye on your daily fitness.

The device will also help track the body’s recovery levels with the help of the heart rate variability analysis and activity records. Additionally, the boAt Smart Ring will have smart controls, which can also help users control compatible devices.

boAt’s Smart Ring will be available to buy via Amazon, Flipkart, and the company’s website but we don’t know when. Plus, there’s no word on its price. Although, we can expect something on a budget. This new product surely looks like an interesting one and I can’t wait to know how this performs in the real world and whether or not a smart ring will end up becoming more popular than a smartwatch in India. Stay tuned for further updates, and do share your thoughts on the boAt Smart Ring in the comments below.

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  • Neeraj says:

    Interesting. Eager to know about how waterproof the product will be. Canโ€™t remove the ring every time my hands get wet

  • Adarsh Singh says:

    I want also a smart ring

  • Kapil Verma says:

    I am also waiting smart ring

  • RAKESH KUMAR says:

    I am waiting and how much

  • Mohammed siddik says:

    Kaash…ye ring bhavishya ka bhi bol paati..๐Ÿ‘

  • Chidambaram iyer says:

    How much cost

  • Kevin Mathew says:

    What is the price ๐Ÿค”

  • Tarundip Adhikari says:

    What about the smart ring sizes? Not everyone’s finger are of same shape and sizes.

  • Vilas-V-Bate says:

    I am also waiting smart ring

  • K says:

    If this product got added smart phone features like making calls, messages, music ๐ŸŽถ etc, woman need not carry phone while working or cooking .

    • Sunilkumar s says:

      Your from which planet if they put every option you need a big display to operate then it will like smart watch not a smart ring ๐Ÿ˜œ

    • Batman says:


  • Uday B says:

    boAt is an honest Indian brand and needs to be encouraged in their endeavour to bring the latest technological advances at an affordable price. Am very much looking forward to the ring !

    • Sandy says:

      Who said this. They sell cheap imported Chinese products. Only brand is Indian. Products are Chinese which is reality for majority products. Simple google search can let you know this.

      • Nathanael says:

        Yeah, that’s a naked truth

    • Bobby says:

      Honest Indian brand with huge china imports,LOL
      Open your eyes bro

  • DHARMESH says:

    Never buy anything from boAt website..They are cheating people..They are sending empty boxes in the courier..My issue is still not resolved after two month..I have sent courier opening video that clearly shows the box was empty still they are not accepting their mistake… Very poor service…No response from customer support…

  • Chumman Gagda says:

    I have purchased now plz purchase Link sher me

  • Chumman Gagda says:

    I like this products

  • Balu says:

    I’m so excited to see the ring which is going to be different for the future generations . Expecting to be a wonderful plan from Boat …..

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