Boat Launches New Sub Brand ‘Edict’ for Affordable Audio Products

edict etws01 earphones

Audio company Boat has today launched a new sub brand to cater to the affordable audio products segment. The new brand, called ‘Edict’ has been launched on Amazon and is a ‘Made for Amazon’ brand.

Under the banner of Edict, Boat has already launched a bunch of audio accessories starting from as low as ₹299. That is for a pair of wired earphones called the ‘EEP01 wired earphones’. Other products in the ‘Edict’ portfolio include the following, as of this writing.

  • EWE01 wireless earphones (₹799)
  • EWE02 wireless neckband earphones (₹999)
  • ESP01 wireless speaker (₹1,099)
  • EWH01 wireless headphones (₹1,299)
  • ETWS01 truly wireless earphones (₹1,299)

That’s a fairly wide range of audio accessories on offer for rather impressive pricing. The truly wireless earphones certainly seem to be a great deal. At ₹1,299 they come with Bluetooth 5.0, 8mm drivers, and around 13 hours of battery life with the included charging case. That’s pretty decent in this price bracket. They even undercut the Redmi Earbuds S, which I would otherwise recommend to people looking for something in that price bracket. However, not having used the Edict ETWS01, I can’t say for certain if they are a good choice. That said, they are definitely worth a look if you’re thinking of buying affordable TWS earphones.

Edict’s other products look pretty compelling in their respective price brackets as well. If you were looking to buy some affordable earphones or headphones, these might be worth a look see before you finalise your selection.

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