Blue Lock Season 2 Release Window Announced

Rin and Isagi in Blue Lock season 2
Image Courtesy: Blue Lock by 8bit Studios (X/@BLUELOCK_PR)
In Short
  • The official Blue Lock X account confirmed that Season 2 of the anime will premiere in October 2024.
  • Author Muneyuki Kaneshiro presented fans with a surprise illustration of Isagi in the announcement X post.
  • An exact release date for Blue Lock season 2, which will adapt the U-20 arc, is yet to be announced.

The first season of the Blue Lock anime concluded in early 2023, with the selection of players who will be competing for a spot on the Japan U20 team. Moreover, Blue Lock ascended to the top of the best-selling manga chart in 2023. The show’s enormous popularity led to the prompt announcement of a second season, with no updates for the last few months. Fans are eagerly waiting for Blue Lock’s season 2, and its release window has been officially revealed today.

The announcement came in today from the Blue Lock production staff on X (formerly Twitter). It is now confirmed that Blue Lock Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in October 2024.

Furthermore, to commemorate this breaking announcement, the author Muneyuki Kaneshiro has shared a surprise illustration in the X post above.

The Blue Lock Episode Nagi movie was released in select regions last month and is scheduled to be released in June in the US. Along with this, Blue Lock fans can now rejoice as the release details for the second season are out.

As a manga reader, I can confirm that the upcoming U-20 arc in Season 2 is going to be the talk of the town when it airs. If that piqued your interest, you can learn where to start reading Blue Lock manga and get a headstart ahead of the upcoming season in October.

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