Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene Explained (Spoilers)

Blue Beetle has finally been released, and guys, I must say that James Gunn might have taken the right step in rebooting the DC Universe. The movie was like a subtle yet strong message for those who believe that DC movies are not up to the mark. The Blue Beetle movie is like DCU saying they’re back in the game and here to win hearts this time. Every single aspect of the movie, ranging from the picturization and setting to the characterization and plot, works perfectly. It will leave the audience shocked by what they witness on screen. If you are yet to watch the movie, check out everything you need to know before you watch the Blue Beetle movie.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers about the Blue Beetle movie.

It was leaked earlier that Blue Beetle has two post-credit scenes and that turned out to be true. The movie contains one mid-credit scene and one post-credit scene. While the Blue Beetle mid-credit scene is meant to tell us that the story of our new superhero is not yet over, the post-credit scene is just for gags. Here’s a breakdown of the Blue Beetle post-credit scenes:

Blue Beetle Mid Credit Scene

Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene Explained (Spoilers)

In the movie, Jeniffer Kord, the daughter of the former Blue Beetle, industrialist Ted Kord, tells Jiame Reyes and his family that her father is missing since he went out on a mission as Blue Beetle. Later on in the movie when the Scarab binds with Jaime, he starts looking for a way to get rid of it from his body.

Jeniffer takes Jaime and his uncle, Rudy, to Ted’s old base and they turn on his computer to search for answers. Here, we learn that the Scarab cannot be removed from his body and the only way to remove it is to die. The scene ends there. However, there’s more to it, which is explored in the mid-credit scene.

In the mid-credit scene, we see the Blue Beetle base powering up on its own and a distorted voice starts transmitting a message. The voice is most probably, Ted Kord, who sounds awfully similar to Kevin Bacon, and who knows we get to see him in the future as well. The voice says that Ted Kord is still alive and the mid-credit scene ends then and there. The only thing we can make out of this scene is the fact that Blue Beetle is not yet done with the upcoming DCU, and we might get to see more of Jaime Reyes and Khaji-Da (Scarab) going into battle.

Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene

Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene Explained (Spoilers)

In all honesty, you don’t need to stick around for the post-credit scene of Blue Beetle. It’s a clip of the same Spanish cartoon which Rudy Reyes used to distract the guards at the Kord Building earlier in the movie. It indeed is funny so if you wish to stay back for it, sure do!

The Future of Blue Beetle in DCU

Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene Explained (Spoilers)

If you have watched Blue Beetle, you already know that this movie is only the tip of the iceberg of what DC has the potential to do with its comic storylines. If we delve into the comic stories of the DCU, we know that Blue Beetle is one of the key members of the Teen Titans, an integral member of the Bat Family. It is one of those few teenage superheroes Superman takes under his wing to mentor them.

The Blue Beetle mid-credit scene made it very clear that he is here to stay and since Blue Beetle has his legs deep into numerous DC comic storylines, it was only wise of James Gunn to make him the first DCU character. But as of now, all we can do is wait and see if such an epic start of the DC cinematic universe will have an equally epic end or not.

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