Blue Beetle OTT Release Date & Streaming Platform

Blue Beetle OTT release Date
In Short
  • DC's Blue Beetle is now available to stream on OTT Platforms
  • On 17 November 2023, Blue Beetle was made available on HBO Max to stream.
  • If you cannot access Max, Blue Beetle has also been made available on Prime Video.

Blue Beetle, DC’s latest superhero origin movie was released recently and has been receiving really positive reactions from the general audience and the critics alike. This movie revolves around a young college graduate, Jaime Reyes, who stumbles upon an ancient symbiotic bioweapon called the Scarab. The Scarab chooses Jaime as its host and grants him a suit of armor that possesses unimaginable powers.

For those unaware, Blue Beetle was initially going to be an HBO Max exclusive, later being pushed to be a theatrical release. After its initial theatrical release, Blue Beetle is now available to watch on OTT.

Where To Watch Blue Beetle on OTT?

Blue Beetle, even though did not make a lot of money at the Box Office, gathered praise from around the globe. However, considering the bad rep of DC Studios, a lot of people refrained from going to the theaters for Blue Beetle and decided to wait for its OTT release. Now, their wait is over since Blue Beetle is finally available to watch on OTT. On November 17, 2023, Blue Beetle was made available to watch on HBO’s OTT platform Max. in 4K Ultra HD.

So, if you were skeptical about watching Blue Beetle in theaters, you can now stream it from the comfort of your home. Along With HBO Max, Blue Beetle is now available on Amazon Prime Video as well. So if you do not have access to Max because of regional issues, you can watch Bluee Beetle on Prime as well.

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