20 Best Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley is one of the most loved farming sim games of all time. Its content is well-designed, balanced, and simple so many players can enjoy it. But that does not mean you should only stick to the vanilla game. There are so many mods available that add new content, modify existing features, or change the game’s looks altogether. So, we have created this guide to list the best Stardew Valley mods out there. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin!

Note: Don’t forget to go through our guide on how to download and install Stardew Valley mods if you wish to use any of the mods listed below.

1. Stardew Valley Expanded

We’re opening the list with probably the best and most popular SV mods, which is Stardew Valley Expanded. As the name suggests, this mod expands the vanilla game quite drastically. You name it, Stardew Valley Expanded has it all.

From new NPCs, heart events, dialogues, map locations, and buildings to special quests, upgraded locations with lots of neat details, better Joja mart, more shops and so much more.

Official screenshot on the download page

Basically, Stardew Valley Expanded adds a little something to everything, so even if you played the base game many times, this mod provides a fresh and exciting story to experience. Moreover, this mod is fairly big, so it requires several mods to be installed first. You can check all of them out on the download page linked below.

2. CJB Cheats Menu

If you’re familiar with commands in Minecraft, you’ll get used to this mod very easily. It essentially adds cheats. Yeah, that’s it. By pressing P by default, you can open a menu that lets you modify a whole ton of values and features.

From infinite stamina and health, instantly adding different currencies, and leveling up at the press of a button to changing weather conditions, adding or removing relationship points, changing time, and even warping basically anywhere you want.

CJB Cheats Menu mod is fairly useful if you’ve already played through the entire game before and just don’t want to go through the grinding part again.

3. CJB Item Spawner

Similar to the previous mod, CJB Item Spawner lets you open an inventory with the “i” key, which contains every single item in the game. And those also include items you cannot obtain in the base game. This mod is like the creative inventory in Minecraft.

So, if you’re struggling to get ahold of an item for a while, never got the chance to play with an item, or perhaps are just a bit lazy, you can spawn any item in your inventory just by clicking it.

4. Tractor Mod

The Tractor mod is perfect if you find planting and harvesting one crop at a time tedious. It adds a tractor that can perform different actions depending on the tool or item you have selected. So, it can hoe the soil, water it, chop logs, mine rocks, plant seeds, apply fertilizer, and also many other things. It does all of this with three uses at a time, so it’s a rather significant time-saver.

Though the tractor is not cheap. To be able to play with it, you’ll need to purchase a tractor garage from Robin, which requires 5 iridium bars apart from 150k gold.

5. Automate

This mod on our list will quite literally blow your mind. The Automate mod for Stardw Valley allows adjacent machines and chests to interact, by extracting or inputting items. So, if there is a chest next to a mushroom box in the cave, the spawned mushroom will instantly end up in the chest.

Another great example would be to place a chest filled with bait next to a crab pot. The crab pot will be instantly filled with bait and once the morning rolls, the caught fish will end up in the chest.

This mod affects several machines in the game, like casks, crab pots, crystalariums, kegs, furnaces, looms, preserves jars, different statues, and more. There are various possibilities this mod provides, so check them out right away.

6. Skip Fishing Minigame

Fishing is quite a big part of Stardew Valley. It’s a great source of money in the early game and fish you catch are used in cooking recipes, as well as trophy displays in case of legendary fish. But, not everyone is into the fishing minigame. It’s a fun mechanic, but it can be especially difficult and time-consuming. So, the Skip Fishing Minigame mod completely removes it from the game.

Start fishing as normal and once you click after the fish bites, you will reel it in immediately and no minigame appears. This mod doesn’t really provide an easier alternative to a game’s mechanic, but completely removes it, which makes it a bit of a cheats mod.

7. Bigger Backpack

Even though you might have a fully upgraded backpack, inventory space can still be an issue. Well, the Bigger Backpack mod helps at least a bit. It adds a third backpack you can buy at Pierre’s.

Official screenshot on the download page

It costs a total of 50k gold, but it introduces a whole row of inventory slots to make it 48 slots in total. So, this is a pretty simple but effective mod you can play around with right away.

8. Wear More Rings

So we can all agree that rings can be very OP. They provide all sorts of buffs and thanks to the 1.5 update, you can also combine rings at the forge. But, that is still not enough, because you just want to have all the best rings equipped all the time.

Official screenshot on the download page

The Wear More Rings mod basically lets you do just that – wear more rings. It adds additional ring slots you can configure.

9. Winter Grass

If you have a barn or coop filled with animals, you must probably know that they don’t like to come outside during winter. They stay indoors and eat hay. However, there is no grass during winter, so you’re forced to buy the hay from Marnie if you don’t have enough of it. This is pretty annoying especially if you don’t have the money at the moment.

Official screenshot on the download page

The Winter Grass mod allows grass to stay during winter. It won’t just disappear, but allow you to harvest it for hay. Moreover, the winter grass will also transfer to spring and even multiply a lot, so you have plenty of grass at the beginning of the year.

10. DaisyNiko’s Earthy Recolour

Have you ever played Stardew Valley for a couple of hours and then been like: “Ow, my eyes hurt!” Well, if this did happen to you, you are not alone. Stardew Valley has lots of vibrant and intense colors everywhere, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. But honestly, it would’ve been beautiful with toned done colors too and the DaisyNiko’s Earthy Recolour mod shows that perfectly.

Official screenshot on the download page

It modifies many colors of the original game, such as dirt color, foliage color, sand color, snow color, and even the color of buildings. This mod also replaces some default sprites to align with the newer color palette. Not only that, but DaisyNiko’s Earthy Recolour adds seasonal world maps, which look gorgeous.

  • Download DaisyNiko’s Earthy Recolour

11. Better Junimos

Junimos are those cuties you get introduced to in the Community Center and that you can hire to harvest the fully grown crops on your farm. Even though this is really helpful, you can’t help but wonder why can’t they do more things, like water the crops and plant seeds. Better Junimos mod offers just that.

Official screenshot on the download page

These little friends can plant seeds, apply fertilizer, water the crops, harvest them, and clear dead crops. They can also work in rain, during winter, and in the greenhouse. But, you’ll need to pay a certain fee for their hard work, so get to making money as soon as possible.

12. Medieval Buildings

If you’re into games with medieval vibes and looks, then this Stardew Valley mod is a must to have. It retextures all the existing buildings on your farm into medieval-looking beautiful ones. They all have the same color palette so they fit the farm and complement each other very well.

You can also try matching the town’s buildings with this mod by installing some other mods that are all mentioned on the mod’s download page linked below.

13. Simple Foliage

Simple Foliage mod is a pretty simple mod that adds a lot to the game’s feel. It replaces most trees’ sprites with new beautiful ones with unique styles, colors, and shapes. Besides trees, it adds brand new bush textures as well, which you’ll find more pleasing to look at.

14. Ridgeside Village

The Ridgeside Village mod is quite possibly the largest Stardew Valley mod out there. It is fairly similar to Stardew Valley Expanded, as in it introduces tons of new villagers, cutscenes, locations, and more.

Official screenshot on the download page

But, you can find all of those new features in a separate village called well, Ridgeside village. In this village, you can explore the characters’ stories, obtain new items, new cooking recipes, and add new pretty much everything like monsters, fish, quests, shops, and even clothes.

15. Lookup Anything

With there being so many different items, NPCs, and other things to keep track of in Stardew Valley, mods that show you all the important info are very appreciated. The Lookup Anything mod allows you to see the menu that displays all the information about a certain item, crop, NPC, machine, or object just by pressing the F1 key.

Official screenshot on the download page

So, if you hover over an item in your inventory and press F1, then you’ll be able to lookup anything you need, from its sell price, where it’s needed, recipes that require it, and more. This is a handy mod to have, especially if you tend to forget things.

16. UI Info Suite

UI Info Suite is a mod similar to the previous one, but instead of showing the info about a crop or NPC, this mod shows generally important info related to the game’s various features. For instance, in the upper right corner, some relevant information will be displayed like what your luck level is and whose birthday is today.

Official screenshot on the download page

Moreover, you can see the area affected by a machine or object, such as an area covered by a scarecrow or sprinkler. Current NPC locations will also be shown on the map. Finally, UI Info Suite displays the experience gained from a certain action and if you leveled up, it will also inform you of that.

17. Gift Taste Helper

If you are playing Stardew Valley for the first time, you have probably encountered the issue of not knowing what favorite gifts are meant for what NPC. So, you will have to try out multiple ones and probably find the one they like after giving them a bunch of hated gifts. Well, the Gift Taste Helper mod helps you not make that mistake anymore.

Official screenshot on the download page

If you hover over an NPC in the calendar or the social tab in your inventory, you’ll see a list of their favorite gifts. Just like that. It’s a simple mod, but makes it so much easier to level up relationships with NPCs.

18. Skull Cavern Elevator

This is another one of the “cheat-like” Stardew Valley mods. It adds an elevator system to a Scull Cavern, basically imitating the one in the mines. So, every time you reach the 5th, 10th, 15th, and so on level in the Scull Cavern, you will be able to access it at the top easily by pressing a button in the elevator.

Official screenshot on the download page

So, it allows you to get a lot of iridium super fast if you explore deep enough. Stardew Valley is primarily a farming game. So if you’re not into the scary and challenging combat features of the Scull Cavern, you can make them more manageable with this mod.

19. Chests Anywhere

This mod basically imitates the ender chest from Minecraft, but it uses every single chest inventory. If you press B, you’ll access a menu list of every chest you have ever placed in the world. So, if you’re out foraging, you can simply access the foraging chest on your farm to dump off items. You can also open the shipping bin itself from anywhere in the world.

Official screenshot on the download page

So, if you’ve gathered a lot of fish, you can simply sell them all right away and continue fishing and making money. The Chests Anywhere mod is especially useful while exploring mines and the Scull Cavern, as you can continue to go deeper and find more special items without having to go back to your farm to sell or organize stuff.

20. Immersive Family

Many players complain about children not being important in Stardew Valley. They just appear one day and no one really talks much about them. They grow up into a toddler and stay like that forever. The Immersive Family mod makes children matter more.

Official screenshot on the download page

It adds 23 events for your kids and over 300 lines of dialogue for the vanilla and modded NPCs that relate to the cutscenes. People will actually mention your children and this makes them feel more like part of the community.

Just like that, you now know about the best Stardew Valley mods available to download right now. So, if you are interested in changing the base game’s appearance, adding new content, upgrading existing features, or even playing with cheats, you have tons of options to choose from. So, which mod is your favorite on our list? Tell us in the comments below!

What is the best site for Stardew mods?

The best website for Stardew mods is Nexus Mods. It’s a hub for a whole bunch of mods, which you can filter into several different categories. This is the most popular website you’ll find.

Is CurseForge good for Stardew mods?

You’ll find Stardew mods on CurseForge, but not all of them. Most mod creators post their mods on Nexus Mods, where you’ll find all of them.

Is modding Stardew Valley hard?

No, not at all. You can easily download and install Stardew mods with just a few steps. You can read our guide for the step-by-step process if you need help. And when it comes to the content you’ll introduce with a mod, well, that’s up to you.

If you would like to make the game easier, there are lots of mods on our list like Skip Fishing Minigame and Tractor Mod that’ll help you with the vanilla game a lot. But, if you want to add new challenges and content, then Stardew Valley Expanded and Ridgeside Village are the mods you want.

Are Stardew mods free?

Yes, all the mods are free to download, install and play.

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