10 Best Roblox Squid Game Experiences

Squid Game is one of the most popular Netflix TV series of all time. It leaves most viewers wondering if they could survive the same fate as the contestants in the show. Well, you can put your survival skills to the test by joining some of the best Squid Game experiences in Roblox. Some of them feature the exciting mini-games from the series, while others go beyond the main plot, taking the experience to another level. There is something for everyone, so let’s not waste time and find the perfect Roblox Squid Game experience for you.

Best Roblox Squid Game Experiences (2023)

1. Squid Game by Trendsetter Games

Squid Game by Trendsetter Games

Trendsetter Games’ iteration of Squid Game is the most popular one on the platform. It always has thousands of active players, regular updates, and a memorable experience. You get the complete experience of the show, including all 6 games, similar costumes, and even late-night attacks. While there can be only one winner, you must form alliances to reach the top and stay alive. Just make sure not to cheat (or get caught) in doing so.

Play Squid Game by Trendsetter Games

2. Squid Game – Be a Guard

While most games on our list focus on the experience as a player, this Roblox game stands out in this aspect. You are a Squid Game guard in this Roblox experience. You can dismiss them as random cruel characters during the show, but acting like one isn’t as simple as it might sound. From preparing meals, props, and gaming areas to keeping the players in check, well, there’s a lot to experience as a guard in Squid Game.

Play Squid Game – Be a Guard

3. Hexa Game 

If the mini-games from the show is your favorite part of it, then Hexa Game is made for you. It jumps right into the primary competitive experience and includes all of the show’s games, including Red Light, Green Light; Shapes; Tug Of War; Marbles; Glass Tiles; and Squid Game. The sets look similar to what we see in the show, and you will feel the thrill in the air. If you thought you could survive all games in Squid Game, let’s put the claims to test in this Roblox experience.

Play Hexa Game

4. Squid Game – Honeycomb

This Squid Game experience promises a well-detailed world with a complete player experience, and it delivers quite well. You not only get to play all the games sequentially but also have to survive the inevitable betrayals and attacks. Only one person will leave with the massive prize pool but reaching that spot isn’t going to be easy.

Play Squid Game – Honeycomb

5. Shark Game – Top Roblox Squid Game

The Shark Game Roblox experience takes Squid Game’s dangerous adventures and pushes them to another level. Instead of only the six games from the TV show, you get 8 mini-games with more on the way. Moreover, some of the games picked directly from the show are slightly different in this experience, leading to fresher gameplay. So, all that’s left for you to do is invite your friends and venture beyond.

Play Shark Game

6. Squid Game X

The one essential element that most Squid Game experiences on Roblox don’t interfere with is the game’s map. But Squid Game X changes that by giving us themed maps (the latest one being around Christmas), fun activities, and uniquely textured clothing. Not to forget, the experience also has some of the best game mechanics in all the Squid Game iterations we tested.

Play Squid Game X

7. Squid Game Infinity RP

If there’s a Roblox Squid Game experience that doesn’t miss out on even a single element, that’s Squid Game Infinity RP. Its map has every element from the Netflix show, including all game areas, living space, washrooms, VIP room, monitoring areas, and even the leader’s room. Moreover, these areas aren’t there merely for aesthetic purposes. The game allows you to make full use of them by roleplaying as players, managers, VIPs, and even a spy. It’s the perfect experience if you want to recreate the entire Netflix show within Roblox.

Play Squid Game Infinity RP

8. Red Light, Green Light

Don’t let this Roblox experience’s name fool you. While its main focus is on the “Red Light, Green Light” game, you get to play all 6 mini-games from the show. However, what makes it truly stand out is the fact that its developers advertise it as a horror game. And you can notice how accurate they are as soon as you start playing the game. The experience follows fast-paced gameplay with adventurous action and thriller games. One mini-game right after the other, the thrill is never-ending.

Play Red Light, Green Light

9. Fish Game

As compared to other Roblox experiences on this list, Fish Game is quite simple in terms of execution. However, that’s essentially its major advantage. It just includes three mini-games, including Red Light, Green Light; Shapes; and Blood Rising. But all these games are well executed, bug-free, and much smoother than most other Roblox Squid Game experiences. So, if you desire a quick and worry-free fun time, Fish Game is the perfect option for you.

Play Fish Game

10. Squid Game by Pingy

Last but not least, we have a Roblox Squid Game experience developed by Pingy. It includes 5 mini-games, a dedicated leaderboard, and a bunch of in-game rewards. Their gameplay experience is enjoyable, but you might have a tough time finding other players to compete with. Luckily, that turns this Roblox experience into the perfect practice server to master all the children’s games in the show.

Play Squid Game by Pingy

Play Squid Game Experience in Roblox

Just like that, you are now ready to enjoy the Squid Game experience within Roblox. If you are confused about where to start your journey on Roblox, we already have a guide in place that goes over how to play Squid Game in Roblox. You can use the linked guide to start playing in no time. However, as per my testing, the mini-games in each experience can get repetitive once you get the hang of it. So, when you want something more exciting, we suggest you go for the best Roblox survival games or play Roblox games with friends. Having said that, which of these Roblox Squid Game experiences is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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