7 Best Steam Deck Power Banks in 2024

Steam Deck comes with a charger that gets the job done, but there can be times when you’re traveling and forget to carry the charger with you. Moreover, the Steam Deck has an abysmal battery life, and it is a known fact. Well, power banks are a saving grace in such situations and benefit gamers traveling with a Steam Deck. So, in this article, we list the best power banks you can purchase for your Steam Deck.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that we need to meet certain conditions, and not all power banks will charge the Steam Deck at full speed. The Steam Deck requires at least 45 watts of power to charge the 5,313mAh battery, so keep this in mind when choosing a power bank. Also, while you are here, learn how to extend your Steam Deck’s battery life using the linked guide. That said, let’s check out the power banks.

1. Anker PowerCore+

Anker Powercore+ Powerbank for Steam Deck

When it comes to portable charging solutions, Anker is one of the few go-to brands. The Anker PowerCore+ is an amazing product in their power bank lineup and one of the best choices for Steam Deck. It comes with a whopping 26,800 mAh capacity, which is sufficient to charge Steam Deck’s battery multiple times and delivers 45W power output.

This Anker power bank comes with a 65W USB-C charger, which can act as an emergency charger substitute for Steam Deck. Moreover, you can go through our dedicated guide on compatible Steam Deck chargers if you want another charger handy.

Additionally, Anker offers 18 months of warranty for PowerCore+, ensuring buyers can utilize it hassle-free. This power bank also supports fast charging, which Steam Deck cannot utilize, but is a fantastic feature to have for other gadgets. While it is not lightweight, weighing 590 grams, its dimensions make it perfect for travel packs. The Anker PowerCore+ power bank is for those who require a reliable power bank for Steam Deck as well as a charger that can juice up the console multiple times.

Buy on Amazon ($109.95)

2. ELECJET PowerPie P20

Elecjet PowerPie P20 is a great power bank for people who require the reliability of Anker but cannot pay the premium price demanded by them. Costing $49.99, this power bank comes with 20,000 mAh worth of juice, which is sufficient to charge up a Steam Deck up to three times.

This power bank supports 45W charging, which the Steam Deck deems necessary for charging. Elecjet also claims that its fast charging feature can charge supported devices in up to 18 minutes, which Steam Deck cannot utilize but is a welcome feature. Elecjet PowerPie P20 also has voltage protection, short circuit protection, and static resistance and is durable, thanks to its multi-layered design. Additionally, it is lightweight and compact, weighing around 392 grams.

Buy on Amazon ($49.99)

3. Anker 737 Power Bank

Another power bank by Anker, the Anker 737 comes packed with some excellent features, albeit with a higher price tag. For starters, it has a 24,000 mAh capacity with support for up to 140W fast charging, making this the most versatile power bank on our list. It can charge almost any gadget, including the Steam Deck. Apart from that, the power bank has a digital screen that shows the output and input power and the estimated time for the power bank to charge.

Unfortunately, because of these features, the Anker 737 is not the most lightweight power bank, weighing around 630 grams. Moreover, the charger houses multiple ports, including two USB-C fast charging ports and one USB-A port. Couple that with the 24-month warranty, and the Anker 737 is the perfect power bank for those who want a hassle-free power bank.

Buy on Amazon ($159.99)

4. Baseus 65W Power Bank

Another fairly well-known brand, Baseus makes a 65W fast-charging power bank. It supports up to 65W of charging for supported devices, including 45W for the Steam Deck. While that is impressive, what caught my attention is the battery capacity at this price point. This power bank from Baseus has a 30,000 mAh capacity in its small packaging, meaning users can easily charge their Steam Deck up to five times during travel.

The features list does not end there. This power bank practically brings all the concerned port types and supports up to five outputs. It also has a large LED screen showing how much voltage it is discharging and its charge capacity. The Baseus power bank is for people requiring an all-in-one solution for not only their Steam Deck but other gadgets as well.

Buy on Amazon ($79.99)

5. ZMI Powerpack 20

Do you require a compact power bank that is not too thick and holds enough juice to allow gaming on the go on the Steam Deck? The ZMI powerpack 20 is the answer for that. Along with a compact design and 580 grams weight, the ZMI power bank comes with a 25,000mAh battery capacity and supports up to 100W fast charging.

ZMI power bank has two USB-C in and out ports, with one supporting 100W and another supporting 120W, and a USB out. It gives enough charging input options to the users. The power bank also has a small LED display that shows its battery percentage. So, who is this for? The ZMI powerpack 20 is for people who want a slim and compact power bank with high charging capacity for their Steam Deck.

Buy on Amazon ($159)

6. Imuto Power Bank

While the previous power banks on this list support 45W charging through the USB-C port, these companies do not explicitly acknowledge Steam Deck as a supported device. However, the Imuto power bank does. It is a 100W power bank that can charge Steam Deck more than five times, thanks to its 26,800 mAh battery capacity.

This power bank comes with two PD 3.0 USB-C ports, one 15W USB-out port, and one 18W USB-out port. Imuto’s power bank also has a small LED screen right in the middle of the port area. The company also throws in a 90W USB-C charger, making it a great alternative to Steam Deck’s proprietary charger.

Buy on Amazon ($119.99)

7. Shargeek STORM2 Power Bank

All the chargers recommended above have one thing in common, they look almost the same. Nearly all of them have this boxy, gray/ black chassis. However, some people might prefer style alongside functionality. Well, Shargeek is here to fulfill those needs of yours.

The Shargeek STORM2 power bank comes in a sleek, transparent casing, showcasing the internals of the power bank. Shargeek ensures the components are vibrant to match the transparent case, allowing users to flaunt them with pride.

As for the power bank’s charging capabilities, it comes with a 20,000 mAh capacity, letting users charge their Steam Deck charge up to three times. It also provides up to 100W power during charge, meeting the system’s 45W requirement. The power bank also houses a sleek IPS display that shows the power output, battery capacity, and even heat generated.

The dimensions and weight compliment the looks of Shargeek STORM2, coming in at 5.94 x 2.32 x 1.81 inches and 579 grams, respectively.

Buy on Amazon ($135)

What is the Battery Capacity of the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck comes packed with a 5,313 mAh battery that runs at 40Wh and draws an average of 7.7 volts during gaming.

What Should Be The Ideal Powerbank Capacity for Steam Deck

We suggest you buy a 20,000 mAh or higher capacity power bank for a Steam Deck. It should be sufficient to charge the Steam Deck’s 5,313mAh battery multiple times while traveling. Also, ensure the power bank supports at least 45W power output. Anything less, and the Steam Deck potentially will continue discharging the battery even when plugged in.

What is the Maximum Charging Speed of the Steam Deck?

The maximum charging speed supported by Steam Deck is 45W. Anything below that, and the Steam Deck will not charge even when it’s plugged in. Furthermore, the Steam Deck does not support fast charging and takes an average of 2.5 hours to charge completely.

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