Top 10 Free Poki Games Online You Should Play (June 2024)

Poki is a gaming platform that offers an incredible variety of online games. However, that quantity itself causes utter confusion over what actually to play. But don’t worry, as we have you covered. We scoured through Poki and found the best poki games online you should play right now. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway surfer poki games

Remember the Infinite Runner Subway Surfer? Of course, you do. While the game might have lost its popularity from the yesteryears, Poki acknowledges its legacy and has added the classic into the platform.

In Subway Surfer, you play as a street artist, trying to run away from a policeman and his dog through a subway network. The goal is to pick up as many coins for as long as possible. However, it’s easier said than done because the more you run, the more difficult it gets. Do you have what it takes?

2. Who is?

True to its name, Who Is? is a situation-guesser game. You are presented with various situations with people where someone is telling lies. The player’s job is to decide who is lying and find the truth.

However, the interesting part is that you must have evidence to support your decision, which is hidden in the game itself. It’s a simple concept, very fun over time, and if you are bored, it will help you kill a lot of time while getting a healthy chuckle out of you.

3. Stick Merge

Another hyper-casual game, Stick Merge, makes you play as a stick human tasked with taking out as many enemies as possible on a battlefield. You start with a simple pistol and gradually upgrade it by mixing and matching two weapons for a better one.

While there is no movement required, it’s still quite fun to wave your mouse around and shoot at the moving targets. Do note that reloading takes some time, so plan your shots accordingly. The game is easy and perfect if you have a downtime between your work.

4. Temple Run 2

Another classic game for mobile phones also returns. Temple Run 2 is an endless runner, where you guide the adventurer to escape from a castle while getting chased by monsters. You control the turns, ensuring they don’t bump into a wall.

Like Subway Surfer, the speed increases, making the game harder. It’s one of those titles that has defined gaming on a mobile phone. Hence, if you have never played this, try giving it a run (pun intended).

5. Murder

If you love TV shows on royalty and deceit, you will love the Murder game on the Poki online platform. It’s a simple game that involves you taking out the king and claiming the throne for yourself. It is played like the traditional Daruma game from Japan.

You charge up your knife slowly and ensure the king doesn’t notice your attempt to murder them. However, the king keeps looking back, so make sure you let go of the knife when he does.

6. Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble involves you playing as a demon while wearing some of the most pre-2010 fashion. I mean, look at the glasses and the black coat. That just gives an extreme Flash game vibe. Its history is rooted in the humble Android Play Store, and it returns as a classic to the Poki platform.

You essentially have to pop bubbles using your rope gun and ensure you don’t get hit by them. Later levels make it a chaotic experience and will help you kill time. Check it out and add some chaos to your life.

7. Stickman Hook

One of my favorites on Poki, Stickman Hook, instructs you to control a stickman shaped like a ball across various levels. While that would’ve been easy, you hook and swing to the finish line. There are various points spread throughout the map that you must balance to get to the end.

If you want to play Spider-Man 2 but don’t own a PlayStation 5, you can give this a try. Jokes apart, have a look at Stickman Hook and tell us if you had fun with it.

8. Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an interesting game that combines the pleasures of driving a monster truck with some wonky physics. The goal is to take the car from one point to another without crashing it.

However, the difficulty amps up as it gets harder to control it at later levels when the vehicle increases in size, and the physics gets wonkier with terrain change. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll also need to drive the truck backward? Let’s see if you can handle it.

9. The Final Earth 2

Another favorite game of mine on Poki, The Final Earth 2, puts you up with the responsibility of creating a brand-new colony for settlers from Earth. Gather resources, make structures, and send out party members to explore.

Those who have played other management games will fill in naturally. This is because it takes the foundations laid by titles like Terraria and numerous other city builders and does a good job of boiling those fundamentals down to something simpler. However, like other builders, it comes with its fair share of challenges.

10. is a Minecraft clone that follows the same ideas introduced by the game. However, this one is on a much smaller scale and online. This means you can gather items, create structures, and even fight enemies alongside other players.

Some players even like the added blend of creativity over the original. Vectaria also gives players three different modes to choose from for added variety.

These are our ten picks for the best Poki online games that you should try out in your free time. So, did any of the games catch your attention? Is there a game that you feel we should try out? Let us know in the comments below.

Are Poki Games free?

Every game hosted on the Poki website is free-to-play. You don’t spend a single amount of money on any of them and can enjoy them as long as you want.

Is it safe to use Poki Games?

As per the website, Poki Games is safe and secure to play. The publisher hosts every game on the platform, and you don’t have to put any of your payment options to purchase things off of the store.

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