12 Best Minecraft Parkour Maps You Should Try

Parkour and Minecraft go hand in hand. Don’t believe me? Try venturing into the worlds of the latest Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update or attempt to climb down the Nether dimension. The point is unless you have a bunch of the best Minecraft potions lying around, your in-game parkour skills need to be good to make the most of it. And if you are planning to try one of these best speedrun seeds, parkour movement is the most important skill for you to set the new record. With that said, the vanilla world of Minecraft doesn’t have any feature to help you practice your parkour skills. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft parkour maps.

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1. Break Bed

Beginning with a challenge, we first have a puzzle and parkour map. It tests not only your movement and quick thinking skills but also makes you think out of the box to solve its creative puzzles. Moreover, unlike most maps, it also offers specialized tools that give it an interesting touch.

Break Bed Parkour Map

The only downside of this map is that the puzzles can be a little challenging for beginners. Though, this map can be the perfect place for practicing speedrun parkour once you get the hang of it. With the in-game challenges, your run on this map will be a lot closer to many complex in-game situations.

Download Break Bed Minecraft Parkour Map

2. Chill Parkour

If the puzzles were a bit too much, this parkour map is made to go easy on you. With a total of 40 levels, the map aims to offer you a relaxed experience, with a chilling run spread over 40 levels. There are a variety of mini areas on this map, including a few made for flying with elytra.

If you want to try this map with your friends, it has a flag-based multiplayer system in place. You can compete in multiplayer mode to reach all the checkpoints on offer while maintaining a scoreboard. For the more competitive players, it has an online community scoreboard as well, where players can submit their records and compete with players from around the world.

Download Chill Parkour Map

3. Whirlpool Parkour

As the name tells, this Minecraft map offers a challenging parkour experience in the shape of a whirlpool. And don’t assume that it is only in a circular shape. This whirlpool is made of moving blocks and even launchers that randomly throw players up in the air. The same mechanic takes place even in the multiplayer mode making it one of the most fun parkour maps.

Expanding on the multiplayer mode, it also has a timer and score system to track players’ jumps, mistakes, and time. You can use the same to compete with your friends and other players. Finally, if this wasn’t enough, the map also has custom sounds and textures, creating a separate mini-game inside Minecraft.

Download Whirlpool Minecraft Parkour Map

4. Under The Secret

“Under the Secret” is probably the most challenging Minecraft parkour map on the list. It requires unique parkour moments, some creative thinking, and is made up of amazing puzzles. If you aren’t thinking about your next moves, it’s easy to get stuck at certain tricky parts of the map.

Unlike most maps made for the Minecraft 1.18 update, this map practically uses the new blocks from the caves and cliffs update to make it better. So, even if you don’t do parkour very well, this map is perfect to gather ideas to build your next Minecraft house.

Download Under The Secret Minecraft Parkour Map

5. Captive Horrors

Among the huge variety of Minecraft maps, only a few use the Minecraft shaders to build a better experience for players. “Captive Horrors” is one of them. It comes with a shader pack and a huge custom resource pack to create a completely unique experience for its users.

As for its theme, the map focuses on horror and creepy ambiance. With this map, you get extremely dark areas, jump scares, and an experience that you’ll never forget. But if a dark and scary atmosphere isn’t to your liking, skipping over this map might not be the worst idea.

Download Captive Horrors Minecraft Parkour Map

6. Ja Wipeout 2

If you have wondered what extreme parkour in real life would be like, TBS’s show Wipeout is the answer. It offers creative and puzzling parkour levels with a bunch of non-stationary challenges. This Minecraft map is a replica of that. From the levels to the iconic scoreboards, it has covered everything precisely.

As for the map itself, it follows a winter theme and has checkpoint-based levels, which you can either play in single-player mode or with your friends. Alternatively, it also has a dedicated all-player server where users from all over the world can participate.

Download Ja Wipeout 2 Minecraft Parkour Map

7. Shuffle Parkour

Most maps can get boring and repetitive after some time. But not this one. With over 250 unique levels, this Minecraft map offers you limitless fun and takes over all the other parkour maps on this list. There are a few puzzles and mazes in it to keep the gameplay fresh. You can play this map by yourself or in multiplayer mode with your friends.

Offering you unique gameplay, the map teleports you to a new level randomly after each checkpoint. So, you never know what’s coming your way next. With almost limitless playstyles, this map is ready to keep you busy for days, if not weeks. Moreover, the developer has promised to update this map alongside each new major Minecraft update.

Download Shuffle Minecraft Parkour Map

8. No Time To Stop 2

This Minecraft map is one that you should always take seriously. True to its name, it kills the players as soon as they stop moving. We get 30 unique parkour levels alongside a few shorter elytra ones. If you are confident in your parkour skills, this is the best Minecraft map to polish and put them to the test.

To support the competitive aspect of this map, there is an online leaderboard where players from all over the world share their records and compete for new high scores. But access to the leaderboard is exclusively for players that are able to finish the map.

Download No Time To Stop 2 Minecraft Parkour Map

9. Biome Run 3

If you didn’t get a chance to explore all the Minecraft biomes yet, this map is ready to help. Focusing on 8 different levels, this map takes you to the Nether and End Dimension, along with many of the overworld biomes. If having 8 levels feel too less for you, there are 2 more maps in the Biome Run trilogy for you to try.

The single-player mode in this map is simple. But things do get exciting when you invite friends to play this parkour map. There is a race mode where each player has their own timers, and the one with the least time wins. Plus, if nothing else excites you, this is the only Minecraft map with a secret level in it. But don’t forget to share its location in the comments when you find it.

Download Biome Run 3 Minecraft Parkour Map

10. Parkour Helix 2

Due to added tension and driven gameplay, helix-shaped Minecraft maps are popular in the community. This fan-favorite parkour map develops on this premise and brings us 60 challenging and long levels. Your only goal is to reach the bottom of the helix. Along the way, there are challenges, new biomes, and a lot more waiting for you. There are also some hidden shortcuts to skip a few levels, but not everyone can locate them.

You can play this map by yourself, with your friends, or if you want some extra competition, you can use the in-game timer to compete for records. Just make sure to avoid water as much as lava while exploring this map.

Download Parkour Helix 2 Minecraft Parkour Map

11. Parkour Paradise

If you haven’t tried parkour before, this map is perfect to get you started. It has 100 unique levels with increasing difficulty. So, you can start on an easy level and make it all the way to the final one while learning parkour on the way. It has a ranking and replay system to help you practice and polish your movement.

The map is also compatible with multiplayer gameplay. But due to limited space, areas can get crowded if multiple players get stuck on the same level. Additionally, you can even get it on the official marketplace for the Bedrock Edition. So, unlike most maps on this list, you can play this on all platforms that support Minecraft.

Download Parkour Paradise Map

12. Elytra Rush

Last but definitely not least, we have a Minecraft parkour map completely dedicated to flying. Parkour on foot is useful in the early stages of the game. But as you enter competitive servers and explore more challenging survival maps, learning to use the elytra becomes a necessity. So, it’s best to start early, and this sonic-style map is the perfect place to be your training grounds.

There is a countdown timer attached to each level, and you have a limited number of fireworks to keep yourself in the air. So, the whole game boils down to your quick thinking and flying techniques in order to make the most out of this map. And once you are through, you can explore more maps in the same series to keep your flight in the air.

Download Elytra Rush Minecraft Parkour Map

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