Best Level to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Diamonds have always been an iconic reference to Minecraft. They are seen as the most valuable resource you can have in-game. Moreover, these blue shiny materials are often used as a currency on Minecraft servers, making everyone want a load of them for purchasing different items and blocks from other server mates. Now, diamonds have received even more importance in Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales, and we are going to cover the best possible Y level for mining them.

Best Y Coordinate for Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Diamond ores can be found between Y levels -64 and 16 in Minecraft 1.20. During generation, they can replace blocks such as stone, andesite, diorite, granite, tuff, and deepslate. In case they replace tuff and deepslate, the diamond ore becomes deepslate diamond ore.

According to the ore distribution in Minecraft, the frequency of diamond ores is greater the further down you go in the world. Therefore, the best Y level for mining diamonds is – 59, the layer right above the bedrock.

Deepslate Diamond Ore Vein in the Deepslate Levels in Minecraft 1.20

If you are interested in the rarer diamond ore block variant, it generates in the stone levels, so from 0 to 16. You are most likely to find it in layers where deepslate starts to show up, so from Y level 8 to 0.

Exploring Caves vs Strip/Branch Mining Diamond

Although a great option for obtaining diamonds is through generated loot in structures, it’s more reliable to go mining for them. However, the next question is – should you explore caves or strip/branch mine? Let’s discuss both methods, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Exploring Caves

Exploring caves in the lower levels is quite a reliable and fast way of finding diamonds in Minecraft 1.20. There is usually at least a vein or two in the deepslate-level caves and the bigger the cave system is, the more likely you are to stumble upon more diamond ore veins.

However, the generation of diamond ore is reduced if exposed to air. This means you will naturally find fewer diamond ore veins in the caves exposed to air blocks than underground (completely surrounded by solid blocks). Also, the veins you do find in the caves are probably going to contain from one to four diamond ores.

Furthermore, caves are big open dark spaces and present the perfect condition for hostile mob spawning. Therefore, your caving expedition will not be easy. If you want diamonds quickly, check out how to prepare for mining below. There is also one type of cave that is the best one for finding diamonds and those are underwater caves. Water blocks don’t count as air blocks, so the generation of diamond ores is not reduced if exposed to water. You are most likely to spot diamond ores and all other ores in these caves.

Strip/Branch Mining

This method is perfect for you if you’re not interested in fighting mobs. Strip or branch mining implies you go to the best level for mining a certain material, such as diamonds, and digging out the tunnels in Minecraft. As mentioned above, diamond ore veins are more likely to generate if they are completely surrounded by solid blocks.

Therefore, if you start digging 1-block wide 2-block tall tunnels two blocks apart from each other at Y level -59, you will maximize your chances of finding the deepslate diamond ores.

Strip or branch mining is also a safe way of getting diamonds, since you’re creating all those possible spawnable places, just make sure the light level never dips below 1.

Prepare for Mining Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Whether you’re exploring caves or strip/branch mining, you will need to prepare first. Keep in mind that the minimum tier pickaxe you can use for breaking diamond ore is iron. Moreover, when you find a diamond ore vein and already have a diamond pickaxe and an enchanting table, don’t mine the blocks yet. First, try to get fortune enchantment on your pickaxe. This will significantly increase the chance of you getting more diamonds per diamond ore block.

Also, bring a bunch of torches with you. It is crucial that you keep your mines lit adequately. Furthermore, torches are a great way for orienting yourself in caves. You can place them on the ground or walls and mark the way you came into the cave. Therefore, you will know how to get out in case you’re chased by hostile mobs in Minecraft. If you’ve been to the fortress in the Nether, you can start making potions in Minecraft. Night vision potion will be handy for locating the deepslate diamond ore.

Moreover, a water bucket will help you get rid of the common lava pools by turning them into obsidian. Don’t forget to bring a decent amount of food with you as well, since fighting mobs and breaking blocks will drain your hunger bar. It’s a great idea to bring chests to your strip/branch mining site. This way, you will be able to store the building blocks and take only the valuables with you to the surface. Preferably enchanted armor and weapon will help you out of sticky situations with hostile mobs.

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