18 Best Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

After releasing almost a month early, Halo Infinite Multiplayer is here with the campaign to follow real soon. If you’ve already learned how to download and play Halo Infinite multiplayer, you must be having lots of fun. However, there’s no doubt that it’s been a minute since gamers jumped inside a Spartan warrior’s suit. If you’re part of the Halo Infinite multiplayer gamers who are a bit rusty, then we are here to help. We have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks you can use immediately to gain an upper Spartan hand in a Halo match. So make sure to equip your Grappleshot and let’s do this.

Best Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips and Tricks (2022)

The below list of Halo Infinite multiplayer tips and tricks range from the basics to more specific ones. If you would rather see them all at a glance first, use the table below to do so.

1. Go Through the Academy

While brute-forcing your way into a match with a shotgun is one strategy, it might not get you far if you’ve never played Halo before. Thankfully, the devs have made sure to welcome new and old players alike and have introduced the Spartan Academy.

halo infinite spartan academy

This new academy is essentially a training mode that houses various tutorials. From teaching you how to handle guns and equipment to practicing shooting them in the firing range, there’s a lot on offer. Once you feel you know enough, you can even start a match with just bots to get a feel for the real thing. Make sure to go through the Spartan Academy once before you hop into a real match.

2. Know the Maps Inside out

Any gamer worth their salt knows that winning in a first-person shooter is only possible with aim and knowledge. If you have the first one nailed down, then it will pay to focus on the latter. Halo Infinite multiplayer currently has a selection of classic maps right now. The game will bring out newer maps as time goes on.

However, before that happens, we suggest you familiarize yourself with these maps and know them like the back of your hand. You don’t necessarily need to commit them to memory but it will be helpful if you know certain flanking and choke points, high grounds, and hiding spaces. However, if you’re a gamer simply playing Halo Infinite for chaos, just enjoy the game.

3. Experiment with the Arsenal

No matter which multiplayer mode you play, Halo Infinite will start you out with a standard-issue MA40 AR and Mk50 Sidekick as your primary and secondary weapons. While I loved shooting the MA40, the secondary handgun wasn’t really my style.

Since the combat in Halo Infinite multiplayer is ever-changing, it’s natural that you need to change along with it. The weapons in the match will randomly spawn all around the map. Don’t be afraid to roam around and try out all the weapons till you find the one that suits your playstyle. Furthermore, be sure to try out not just the human weapons but the energy rifles since they now pack a further punch against shields. You can even mix and match weapons in your slots so go crazy.

4. Don’t Forget Your Nades

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of playing Halo is that grenades can change the course of a gunfight. Whether it’s throwing one to clear your corners or a last-ditch effort after you’re out of ammo, nades help.

The grenades in Halo Infinite multiplayer are no different. You start out with grenades already attached to your belt but most players forget to use them. Be sure not to make the same mistake and throw those explosive boys when the time comes. Furthermore, be sure to walk over your enemies when you’ve eliminated them to loot their nades and restock.

5. Use Your Equipment

Halo Infinite multiplayer brings with it a new Equipment action that lets you pick up various types of tools. This equipment varies on the type of map you’re on but is almost always useful. Be sure to explore and pick up any equipment you see to use at the right time.

Each piece of equipment gets limited uses before it expires so you will need to plan accordingly. You can always run over another pickup point to replace your current equipment if you don’t like it. However, do remember that any equipment you pick up will now be dropped if you get killed. And yes, the Grappleshot also counts as equipment so be sure to use it wisely.

6. Know When to Melee

When all else fails, remember that you have those Spartan hands. Melee in Halo Infinite is incredibly powerful if used correctly. In fact, two melee hits can even kill an enemy who has full shields and health. However, you likely won’t get enough time to do that so make sure to time your combat hits for the most opportune moment.

Hit correctly, the melee action in Halo Infinite is enough to eliminate your enemy provided their force shield is down. Furthermore, it pays to be stealthy as assassinating an enemy from behind can be done with only one hit. But if you’re forced to face them head-on, remember that hitting them is always faster than reloading.

7. Turn off Motion Blur and Screen Shake

A lot of Halo players have reported that motion blur combined with screen shake is actually very distracting and takes away from the gameplay.

If you’re part of the players who feel the same way, you’ll be glad to know you can easily turn these off. You can turn off motion blur and screen shake by heading over to video settings and toggling them off from there.

8. Mind the Radar

Found in the bottom lefthand corner of the HUD, the Radar is one of your best friends. The Radar scans the area around you and identities both friends and the foe at once.

Whereas your allies will be displayed as blue dots, your enemies will come across as bright red dots which will move in real-time. Enemies atop vehicles will be represented by even bigger red dots so if you see one, that’s your cue to hide. Speaking of hiding, crouched enemies or ones standing still will not be visible on your radar. So for the gamers wanting to practice a little deception, crouching is the way to go.

9. Mark Information on Your Map

Another handy thing Halo Infinite’s multiplayer brings to the table is the ability to mark important information on your map.

Ranging from the number of enemies in an area to a specific type of drop present, you can call anything out. Simply point your cursor at the area and press the Mark button. Any important info nearby will automatically be relayed to your teammates. Do this the next time you want to call out enemy groups before dying.

10. Save Your Overshield

Definitely one of the most powerful pickups in Halo Infinite, the Overshield true to its name can overcharge your shields. This ensures you’ll be able to take a few extra bullets before you go down. However, did you know that you no longer have to use it as soon as you pick it up? Any picked-up Overshield now goes into your equipment slot and stays there until used. So if you find yourself in a fairly well situation, hold off on using it until you really need it. However, if you do find yourself surrounded by enemies, pop it open and overcharge yourself.

11. Slide Away to Victory

A new mechanic Halo Infinite has received the ability to quickly slide off a short distance while running. This can be especially useful when trying to close distances or simply running away to let your shield charge. To quickly slide, simply press the crouch button while you’re running and your Spartan will do it automatically. While there is no recharge time to slide, you do need to get a small running start so keep that in mind.

12. Master the Grappleshot

Speaking of new, the Grappleshot is another new utility introduced in Halo Infinite. True to its name, the Grappleshot is a grappling hook that lets you latch onto items, vehicles, and even enemy players.

You can shoot the hook and grab a weapon out of an enemy’s hands, or a pickup point. You can even use the Grappleshot to hijack an enemy vehicle. Oh, and did I mention you can even use it to zip across different areas of the map? The Grappleshot is a powerful new piece of equipment and one that Halo Infinite players are fighting over. Do remember that you will only get limited uses before it expires so use it when only necessary.

13. Alternate Firing Modes on Weapons

Some weapons in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer can swap between various firing modes for more accuracy. For instance – You can zoom in even further while using the SR7 Sniper Rifle to squeeze off those precious shots.

Or gamers using the Heatwave can use the alternate firing mode to change between horizontal and vertical firing positions. You can access the alternate firing mode by pressing the zoom button (LT on a controller, or the key you’ve bound on PC)

14. Work with Your Teammates

It’s almost an exercise in futility telling gamers to not go rushing in but I’ll still say it. While Halo Infinite multiplayer can be played alone, it is a team game and requires cooperation to win. Modes like Capture the Flag leave players unable to defend themselves and require support from their mates. Make sure you work in tandem with your teammates to achieve the objectives and win. This will prove all the more important when you find yourself in danger and your partner comes along to help. So when in doubt, buddy up.

15. Drop Weapons for Your Teammates

Previous games in the Halo franchise only allowed you to drop your guns only if you replaced them with something else.

That has changed however as Halo Infinite multiplayer allows gamers to drop their weapons even without picking something else up. While I don’t really advise doing that, you can drop your weapons for your teammates if they find themselves out of ammo. Be sure to pick up something yourself after though.

16. Vehicle Weapons are Powerful

While the remote weapons spread around the map are powerful enough, vehicle weapons are an added advantage that you should use immediately. The different vehicles spread around the map include the likes of Warthogs and Banshees that pack insanely powerful weapons. If you’re playing along with a buddy or two, jump on back to the turrets strapped on these vehicles and blast everyone far away.

17. Identify Enemies with a Broken Shield

Halo Infinite multiplayer like its predecessors gives Spartans a shield that absorbs most of the damage. Once that’s gone, however, your real health is exposed which runs out pretty quickly. An easy way to identify a player with a broken shield is to see their power armor.

If you see sparks running around a player’s body, that means their shield is down and they are exposed. Always make sure to them out on priority before they can recharge. However, if you see a player completely covered in red, that means their shield is just about to break so knock them around a bit before the killing blow. Make sure to pay attention to the enemy’s armor the next time you’re in a game.

18. Don’t Pick Bright Colors

This handy tip is universal in nature and works in almost all shooting games. Halo Infinite multiplayer is one of them. The game gives users the option to customize their body armor through various attachments and colors.

Moreover, if you have the Battle Pass, you must have already seen the bright blue and white armor paint in the selection. While it does look fun to wear, it also makes you stand out as a target to the entire enemy team. If you truly want to remain invisible, make sure to equip your Spartan’s armor with colors that are dark so you may remain camouflaged.

Use These Tips and Tricks to Win in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

We hope the above tips and tricks help you win all the multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite. However, if you’ve already grown tired of it then check out these best online PC games for a change of pace. So which tip from this list are you using the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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