Grand Theft Auto or GTA is one of the best gaming franchises out there because it lets you explore an entire open-world in the game without having to focus on objectives or anything. You can just cruise around town and live a lavish life without having to worry about the end boss or anything. However, even a game like GTA 5 gets a bit boring at times when there’s not much to add to the game. This is where the extra mods come into play. You can install some great mods in GTA 5 that will add something extra to the game, be it a fire breathing dragon or Marvels Iron Man, mods add another layer of fun and excitement to the game. So, below we have compiled a list of the 15 best GTA 5 mods. Before we get started, let’s see how you can install GTA 5 mods:

How to Install GTA 5 mods?

It’s very simple and easy to install mods in GTA 5. Just copy all the mod files you download into the main GTA V folder. The folder that includes the “GTAV.exe” file is where you need to put all your mod files.

Most of the GTA 5 Mods use a simple program called “Script Hook V” which requires you to install this program in order to run those mods. This is quite simple, just go ahead and download Script Hook V, now open the .zip file, and find the ‘bin’ folder, now copy/paste the three files into the main GTA V folder.

Before you go mod happy and install every mod out there in your game. Just know this that modding is not officially allowed or supported by Rockstar. So, it’s always wise to make a backup of your clean GTA 5 installation. If anything goes wrong, you can just revert back to your original game without any problems. Also, don’t try to play GTA online with mods enabled because that will most likely result in a ban for your account. The ban may either be permanent or temporary, but it’s better to not take any risks. Now that I have cleared that out, let’s talk about the best GTA 5 mods, shall we?

Best GTA 5 Mods You Should Try

1. Tsunami Mod

GTA 5 is all fun and games until the entire city is covered in a giant wave and everything that isn’t a skyscraper sinks. Tsunami Mod for GTA 5 does exactly that and lets you experience the horrific Tsunami in your game because nobody wants to experience that in real. This mod sinks the entire city of Los Santos and you can enjoy the view from your airplane or you can enjoy riding the waves in your boat. If you get your hands on a submarine then even better because you can explore the depths of the sunken city in the submarine and maybe, find your favorite hot dog joint, but beware though, wet hot dogs are quite dangerous.


2. Psychokinetic

Psychokinetic mod

Ever wanted to control everything using just the power of your mind? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely check out the Psychokinetic mod for GTA V which will allow you to do just that. As you’d expect, the mod gives you telekinetic abilities, allowing you to float through the city, pick up cars or people and send them flying without a care in the world. If you’d ever wondered what it would be like to be like Jean Grey from X-Men, then you shouldn’t think twice before downloading this mod.


3. Ghost Rider Mod

Get ready to burn your enemies into a nice little crisp when they look into the abyss in your eyes. Sounds familiar? Well, it should because that’s one of the coolest superheroes out there, Ghost Rider. You can now become the Ghost Rider himself in GTA 5 by using this amazing mod. Black leather attire, burning skull, and one hell of a ride. Go out in Los Santos and burn all those who oppose you. You can even burn innocent bystanders, but that’s not what you are supposed to do in GTA….oh well. Just go out there and fight crime or something with your all new flames of hell powers. Punish the wicked, spare the innocent.


4. Vehannon Mod

Ok, the name Vehicle Cannon might sound as if your vehicles will get cannons or just turn into a transformer and shoot lasers or something, however, this mod is entirely different. There is a cannon involved and there are vehicles as well, but instead of getting a cannon on your vehicles, you get a cannon that actually shoots vehicles. Yes, you read that right. You can now shoot vehicles, as in cars, trucks, etc and destroy everything that comes in your path. Shoot as many cars as you want, you probably have a car dealership anyway, so no worries.


5. Mass Effect 3 Reaper as Blimp Mod

Do you love the floating blimp in your GTA 5 game? Don’t lie, nobody loves the blimp because it’s boring and looks pretty bland. Well, not anymore because this amazing mod turns your boring blimp into something exciting and scary looking. Replace your blimp in GTA 5 with Reaper from the Mass Effect 3 game and watch it floating over your city. Best of all, you can get into your apache helicopter and take down the reaper, this will make you look really cool and probably all the girls in Los Santos will go crazy for you, seriously. Just replace that boring blimp with the reaper and you will find that the game has become a bit more exciting.


6. Gravity Gun Mod

Remember the gravity gun and its shenanigans from Half-Life 2? Well, it’s back and you can now use the same gun in GTA 5 with an extra bang. The Gravity Gun mod lets you wield a gravity gun that can either hold different vehicles in air or just blast them away with full force. Holding the shoot button will let you pick up any vehicle in the air and move it as you like, while just pressing the shooting button will blast the vehicle away hitting and destroying everything in its path. Use this gravity gun on big trucks and blast them into all the other vehicles then watch how everything just goes BOOM!


7. Iron Man Mod

Who needs money when you can become a superhero for free. This amazing mod lets you enjoy the awesomeness of being Iron Man in GTA 5. You don’t even have to save people because it’s GTA 5 and you can just be the most selfish Iron Man ever and on top of that, you can instead go ahead and steal from others. This mod gives you the ability to wear Iron Man’s armor and fly around Los Santos looking like a giant tin man covered in the shades of a muscle car. Seriously, if you want to be Iron Man and soar through the skies with your jetpack then this is the mod for you.


8. Force Field Mod

If you always wanted to drive around in GTA 5 without getting distracted by stupid pedestrians or other traffic then we have the perfect mod for you. The force field mod adds a force field around you or your vehicle. Anyone that comes in contact with the force field is pushed away into the air, so wherever you go, you find yourself alone since you are blasting everyone away. It’s like having a superpower. Also, you get to drive around the city without having to worry about traffic or pesky pedestrians ruining your rhythm. Now, drive around at full speed without ever having to hit the brake at all.


9. Shark-O-Matic Gun Mod

Do you know what’s better than shooting vehicles or altering gravity with your gun? Let me tell you, it’s shooting a ravaging shark at your victims that tears your enemies apart and eats every bit of their flesh. Sounds gruesome? Well, in GTA 5, gruesome things are the most entertaining. Shark-O-Matic Gun mod gives you a supercharged gun that shoots deadly sharks. Just shoot your victims with it and watch them get torn apart by a giant shark. Who needs rocket launchers or gravity guns when you can just throw hungry sharks at their victims and obliterate them into tiny pieces.


10. Mayhem / Carmageddon Mod

If you are looking for mayhem and chaos in GTA 5 then look no further because this is the perfect mod to add some chaos into your game. Carmageddon mod is one of the most popular mods from GTA 4 and now, it’s available on GTA V, so you can see some real armageddon-esque destruction in your game. This mod adds a random factor in the game where every car will just spiral out of control at random intervals. Cars will fly away, drift away, hit trees, buildings, etc and there will be chaos everywhere. It’s fun if you want to watch the world burn.




Those of you who’re big fans of role-playing games should definitely try out the GTA RPG mod which will transform the game into a pleasantly good RPG. The mod packs in a non-linear story and skill progression, which makes it feel a lot like other popular RPG titles like Fallout. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to choose from between three character classes and then as you progress through the missions that you get from the mod’s quest system, you’ll be able to update your character’s skills in the skill tree. The mod also offers dialogue trees with NPCs, along with randomly generated loot, for a more immersive RPG experience.


12. Incredible Hulk Script

So, Iron Man mod isn’t your cup of tea? You don’t like flying around in a metal suit? Well, no worries because if you don’t like flying around yourself then you probably like making others fly around. Enter the Incredible Hulk GTA 5 mod, which lets you play as the mighty Hulk and destroy everything in your path. Just a simple punch would make vehicles and people fly out of orbit…. that’s an exaggeration but they will still travel a huge distance. Show your angry skills in Los Santos and destroy everyone and everything in your path. The best part is that there is no HulkBuster to stop you, so just knock yourself out.


13. GTA V Pride

GTA 5 is definitely one of the least politically correct games out there but there’s a mod that adds the pride parade in your GTA 5 game, if you are into that. The Pro-LGBT Pride parade is added to the game with full swing. You get to experience the pride parade with rainbow colors all around you, people from different races and backgrounds coming together to celebrate their pride. There’s also an indestructible rainbow blimp that expresses the love for everyone. This is a non-profit mod made by the Stockholm Pride. If you love taking part in the Pride parade then it’s time to bring the pride parade into your game.


14. Poke Ball

Remember Pokemon GO? Yes, the game where you had to go out and catch Pokemon on your phone. Well, it died. There are sill hardcore Pokemon fans playing it, but the craze and hype it had, in the beginning, all died down and casuals ran away because who wants to hike around town to catch a few Pokemon, right? Now, the good news is, you can catch Pokemon in GTA V. Actually, not Pokemon per se, but you can catch pedestrians in your Pokeballs and have them fight for you. Although, it won’t be easy catching someone with a Pokeball, so you need to weaken them first. You can’t use thunderbolts or irontails, but a few punches should be enough to beat the crap out of them and a good Pokeball throw will seal the deal.


15. GTA Fuel Script V

It’s true that when a GTA player gets bored they start driving straight and follow all the rules of the game. They would even stop at all the traffic lights. Well, if you prefer this type of realistic touch then why not go a bit further and add some more realistic elements to your game. The GTA Fuel Script mod adds fuel capabilities in all your GTA vehicles. No more riding around in a car infinitely without any consequences. You now have a fuel tank and it’s depleting as you drive. Now, you have to focus on the fuel bar and refuel your car at a petrol station before a robbery because nobody wants to get in a car chase with the cops when running low on fuel.


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Enhance Your Gameplay with These Best GTA 5 Mods

There are hundreds of amazing mods out there for GTA 5 and everyone prefers different mods due to their personal preferences. However, these are the GTA 5 mods that piqued my interest and I found them quite entertaining in one way or another. If you think there are other fun mods out there then feel free to mention them in the comments below.