25 Best Elden Ring Incantations

Besides the massive variety of weapons and spells, Elden Ring is also home to the best incantations. For those unaware, incantations are an alternative to sorcery in Elden Ring, giving the user offensive and defensive buffs against enemies. Some incantations even allow you to deal actual physical and elemental damage against enemies. However, with over 100 incantations available, you might have trouble deciding on the perfect one. To make your job easier here are the 25 best Elden Ring incantations for you to get started with!

1. Dragonclaw

Dragonclaw Elden Ring
  • Requirement: 17 Faith, 13 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 24

Undoubtedly one of the best Elden Ring incantations is also one of the coolest dragon-based ones you can get. The Dragonclaw quite literally summons a dragonclaw that helps strike targets and deal fire damage. To get it slay a dragon and get its Dragonheart. Once done, go to the Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave and present the heart to buy it.

2. Lightning Spear

Lightning Spear incantation Elden Ring
  • Requirement: 17 Faith
  • FP Usage: 18

If you hand over Brother Corhyn or the turtle Miriel the Dragon Cult prayerbook dropped by the Leyndell Knight, you can win one of the best Elden Ring incancatations named Lightning Spear. This incantation boasts itself one of the coolest animations, where the player will conjure a lightning spear, and hurl it towards their enemies. The incantation deals great lightning damage and is perfect for zoning your opponents.

3. Flame, Grant Me Strength

  • Requirement: 15 Faith
  • FP Usage: 28

When you visit Fort Gael for the first time, located in the western Caelid, you’ll find a body in the middle of two Flame Chariots. This body holds an incantation named Flame, Grant Me Strength. This simple yet powerful Elden Ring incantation buffs physical and fire-affinity attacks, allowing you to deal more damage to your enemies.

4. Black Flame

Black Flame Elden Ring
  • Requirement: Faith 20
  • FP Usage: 18

The Black Flame is one dark (pun intended) Elden Ring incantation where you throw a ball of Black Flame towards your enemy. The black flame can be charged which allows it to deal additional damage and explode upon impact! Furthermore, it will keep dealing damage to the enemy overtime. You can get this incantation getting the Godskin Prayerbook from the Stormveil castle and handing it to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel.

5. Glintstone Breath

Glinestone Breath Elden Ring Incantation
  • Requirement: 15 Faith, 12 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 28

The Glinstone holds a lot of value in the world of Elden Ring, and it makes sense for the game to have multiple incantations based on it. Glinstone Breath is one such Elden Ring incantation, where you can perform powerful magic breath. You can get this from the Church of Dragon Communion in Caelid, after slaying a dragon and getting its heart.

6. Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

  • Requirement: 26 Faith
  • FP Usage: 36

Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike is another lightning-based incantation in Elden Ring, which allows you to call in red lighting above your foes that results in dealing damage. It looks extremely cool, and frankly, you should have this just for fun in your incantation roster. You can get this after getting the ancient dragon prayerbook from Crumbling Farum Azula and giving it to Brother Corhyn or Miriel. Then, you can buy it for 10,000 runes.

7. Swarm of Flies

  • Requirement: 11 Faith, 16 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 14

Another thing that holds prominence in the Elden Ring is blood. You’ll see a lot of it, you’ll experience a lot of it, and you can also deal the same on enemies. Swarm of Flies is one Elden Ring incantation that will help you do just that.

This swarm of flies quite literally summons frenzied bloodflies that will attack enemies and build bleed damage. You get this incantation in Elden Ring by going to Moghwyn Palace and picking it from a dead body. It’s situated directly north of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of Grace.

8. Elden Stars

  • Requirement: 50 Faith
  • FP Usage: 41

In deep root depths, if you head west from the great waterfall crest grace, and look northwest after reaching some roots, you’ll see a root going up to a cave. After entering the cave, fight the giant ants, and you’ll find Elden Stars in the end.

The elden stars incantation creates a line of golden projectiles that start and hit the opponent once it is done casting. This will deal magic and faith damage to your opponent, effectively killing them if you cast it enough.

9. Ekzykes’s Decay

Ekzykes's Decay Elden Ring incantation
  • Requirement: 23 Faith
  • FP Usage: 15 Arcane

Scarlet Rot is a major story element in Elden Ring. One whole section of the map is covered in them, and frankly, nothing upsets me more than the rot. So, it only makes sense for me to suggest Ekzykes’s Decay, an incantation that spews Scarlet Rot’s breath of Ekzykes from above.

Ekzykes is a dragon who you defeat in Elden Ring, and he guards the church of dragon communion in Caelid. As such, you’ll just need two whole hearts to get this incantation in Elden Ring.

10. Burn O Flame!

  • Requirement: 27 Faith
  • FP Usage: 26

Another flame-based incantation that makes things easier for you when it comes to crowd control is Burn O Flame! It raises a wall of flame pillars around you, momentarily stopping a hoard of enemies. And, if it connects with your enemy, it will deal fire damage to them. While this Elden Ring incantation might not be very helpful during a boss fight, but is good for crowd control against enemies.

11. Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

Aspect of Crucible incantation in Elden Ring
  • Requirement: Faith 27
  • FP Usage: 20

When you fight the first Crucible Knight boss in Stormhill Evergoal, you’ll have a blast fighting their unique moveset, and get hit by their tail. Well, if you manage to kill the Crucible Knight, you can take that tail sweep attack as an incantation called Aspect of the Crucible: Tail. So now, you can tail-whip your opponents. Pretty cool isn’t it?

12. Giantsflame Take Thee

  • Requirement: 30 Faith
  • FP Usage: 30

Another great incantation in Elden Ring is named Giantsflame Take Thee, which hurls a large fireball toward your enemies. The fireball explodes upon impact thereby damaging your opponents in the process. It technically works similarly to Black Flame, except the flame isn’t black. You can buy this Elden Ring incantation from Brother Corhyn or Miriel for 13000 runes, after giving the the Giant’s Prayerbook.

13. Rotten Breath

Rotten Breath Elden Ring Incantation
  • Requirement: 15 Faith, 12 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 36

Rotten Breath is one of the best Elden Ring incantations as an alternative to Scarlet Rot. It will keep building scarlet rot for your enemies, and ultimately eat up their health gradually when its maxed out. It works similarly to Ekzykes decay, but with lower stats. If you have a dragon heart, you can go to the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion in Caelid and get it.

14. Frozen Lightning Spear

Frozen Lightning Spear
  • Requirement: 34 Faith
  • FP Usage: 29

The underground sections of Elden Ring are some of the most majestic places in-game. And as it happens, they also give you some of the best incantations in-game. One such is Frozen Lightning Spear, which stabs an enemy with frozen spears made out of well, lightning. You get this incantation after defeating the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, located at the underground location called Nokstella, near the Ainsel River Downstream.

15. Unendurable Frenzy

  • Requirement: 31 Faith
  • FP Usage: 22

Frenzy is another magic in-game that has ties to Elden Ring’s lore. It so happens to also be one of the strongest magic elements. As such, I had to suggest one of the frenzy incantations called Unendurable Frenzy. You find it in an underground treasure room at Yelough Anix Ruins in Consecrated Snowfield.

Unendurable Frenzy shines violent yellow flames from the player character’s eye, shooting around a wide area. As such it is also one of the best Elden Ring incantations if you want to live the dreams of playing as Cyclops or any superhero that shoots beams out of eyes.

16. Bestial Sling

Bestial Sling incantation Elden Ring
  • Requirement: 10 Faith
  • FP Usage: 7

When you meet Guuranq for the first time and hand him the second Deathroot, you’ll gain a new Incantation named Bestial Sling. This power picks up rocks from the ground and hurls them toward the enemies in a conical shape. This results in the player continuously throwing the item and dealing some physical damage against enemies. This makes it one of the best incantations in Elden Ring if you’re running a strength build.

17. Death Lightning

  • Requirement: 47 Faith
  • FP Usage: 28

Deep in the Deeproot Depths, you can fight one of the legendary bosses called Lichdragon Fortissax. After killing the boss, you can get a remembrance named Remembrance of the Lichdragon. Giving it to Enia at Roundtable Hold will allow you to get an incantation called Death Lighting. True to its name this Elden Ring incantation strikes surrounding areas with a storm of death lighting, damaging enemies.

18. Borealis’s Mist

  • Requirement: 23 Faith, 15 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 48

Another Dragon incantation you can purchase from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid for 2 Dragon Hearts is Borealis’s Mist. This awesome looking Elden Ring incantation allows you to spew icy breath like the dragon Borealis, dealing freeze damage on enemies.

19. Flame of the Fell God

Flame of the Fell God
  • Requirement: 41 Faith
  • FP Usage: 34

Flame of the Fell God is a late-game fireball incantation that allows you to summon and throw a huge fireball that explodes upon impact, setting fire to the area and burning enemies. However, you must defeat Adan, Thief of Fire At Liurnia of the Lakes to receive it.

20. Dragonfire

  • Requirement: 28 Faith
  • FP Usage: 15 Faith, 12 Arcane

Yes, I have a slight obsession with Dragon incantations. Which is why you’re seeing quite a few here. The Elden Ring Dragonfire incantation is no different. It channels a head of Dragon in front of you, spewing fire in the process and dealing fire damage. You only need one Dragon Heart to purchase this incantation from the Church or the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

21. Lord’s Heal

Lord's Heal Elden Ring
  • Requirement: 20 Faith
  • FP Usage: 55

When you explore the first floor of the Fortified Manor in Leyndell, Royal Capital, you can get the Two Finger’s Prayerbook. Hand it over to Miriam or Brother Corhyn to buy Lord’s Heal. This incantation heals you and your allies around you in co-op. This incantation is also amazing to keep if you are building yourself a faith build, as that lets you have another healing option aside from the flasks.

22. Blessing’s Boon

Blessing's Boon Elden Ring incantion
  • Requirement: 24 Faith
  • FP Usage: 30

Blessing’s Boon is a healing incantation in Elden RIng that gradually heals you and your allies for up to 720 HP, and 8 HP per second for 90 seconds. If you cannot get the prayerbook from Leyndell, get this for 4000 runes from Miriel the Turtle.

23. Flame Cleanse Me

  • Requirement: 12 Faith
  • FP Usage: 14

Are you frustrated with getting Scarlet Rot all the time? Do you find stocking up on persevering Blouses annoying all the time? Then get yourself thje Flame Cleanse Me incantation in Elden Ring. This incantation allows you to purify yourself out of scarlet rot build-up and even poison build-up. You can find this on a corpse in the Fire Monk camp, located southeast of where Miriam lives.

24. Urgent Heal

  • Requirement: 8 Faith
  • FP Usage: 16

If you choose the Confessor class, you can have one of the best Elden Ring healing incantations early in-game named Urgent Heal. It lives up to its name, allowing you to heal a small amount of HP during encounters. However, if you aren’t playing Confessor, you can get it from Brother Corhyn for 1000 runes.

25. Bloodflame Blade

Bloodflame Blade
  • Requirement: 12 Faith, 10 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 20

We end this list by mentioning one of the best weapon buff Elden Ring incantations. Bloodflame Blade is a magic incantation that buffs a player’s right-hand weapon with bloodflame.

So, your enemies will have hemorrhage build-up upon hit, and continuous hits will result in increased damage. Getting the incantation is simple. You travel to Liurnia of the Lake and kill the Teardrop Scarab northwest of the Rose Church.

And now you know about all the best Elden Ring incantations you should get your hands on! Each covers offensive and defensive options and will help you through the journey. If you’ve stumbled upon here by accident begin by learning how to use incantations in Elden Ring. So which one do you consider to be the best one? Let us know in the comments below.

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